• Honoring all creations and relations - 02/05/2016 04:44 PM MST
  • Cinematic reflections - 02/02/2016 05:02 PM MST
  • A normal winter at last - 02/05/2016 04:44 PM MST
    Honoring all creations and relations

    Sunday in the Park
    02/05/2016 04:44 PM MST
    Whatever season or time of day you choose to observe, walk into, onto, the 12,000 plus acres of the Swaner Preserve, you are made calmer by the land. 
    A normal winter at last
    02/05/2016 04:44 PM MST - Snow. It just keeps coming. Sometimes it's a significant storm, and more often it comes in little bits -- an inch here, three inches there -- but Read more...

    Cinematic reflections
    02/02/2016 05:02 PM MST - As the end credits to the final film of my own private Sundance scrolled downward Saturday afternoon, the space in front of the screen of the Read more...

    What's in a name?
    02/02/2016 05:02 PM MST - The last few years a number of my friends have started families. Often, they can't wait to announce the news of their pregnancy, sharing it in a Read more...

    Just a song before they go...
    01/29/2016 05:17 PM MST - After the premiere/special event of "American Epic" at Sundance, I hurried home to dust off the stacks of my inheritance. Read more...

    The great Uber-Copter caper
    02/01/2016 09:17 AM MST - So Sundance 2016 is a wrap. I've heard it described in a lot of ways, but mostly in the context of family dysfunction. Read more...

    Week One afterthoughts
    01/26/2016 04:33 PM MST - Admittedly, very few of the negatives usually associated with the Sundance Film Festival impact my comfort zone. Read more...

    Giving Park City the bird -- literally
    01/26/2016 04:33 PM MST - I hate the word "literally." It's used way too often and rarely in the right context. You did not literally fall out of your chair in shock. Read more...

    Welcome to Uberdance
    01/22/2016 05:03 PM MST - I was in a store the other day, and as I left, the cashier cheerily said, "Have a great Sundance." I suddenly understood how Jewish friends feel Read more...

    Infusing the reel with the real
    01/25/2016 09:12 AM MST - It would be easy to dismiss the opening night film of this year's Sundance Festival as "just" a documentary about television giant Norman Lear and Read more...

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  • (AP Photo/Matt Slocum, File)
    Beyonce's new song boosts Red Lobster's business

    Beyonce mentions Red Lobster in 'Formation,’ which got the chain restaurant lots of attention on social media.