• Teri Orr: Worth spreading - 03/20/2015 04:19 PM MDT
  • Jay Meehan: Joe Hill Centennial - 03/24/2015 03:48 PM MDT
  • Tom Clyde: Zombies among us - 03/27/2015 04:42 PM MDT
    Tom Clyde: Zombies among us

    More Dogs on Main
    03/27/2015 04:42 PM MDT
    There are zombies among us. Not the brain-eating-undead type. I mean zombie developments that are springing back from the dead everywhere. 
    Jay Meehan: Joe Hill Centennial
    03/24/2015 03:48 PM MDT - "This is the West, sir. When the legend becomes fact, print the legend."~ From the John Ford film "The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance"Coming from Irish Read more...

    Amy Roberts: A Grand daytrip
    03/24/2015 03:48 PM MDT - For decades I have been so focused on collecting stamps on my passport and visiting far-away countries people have to Google in the middle of our Read more...

    Tom Clyde: Still waiting for winter
    03/20/2015 04:19 PM MDT - I got home from skiing the other day and took a look around my yard. Something was wrong, and that something was that I needed to mow the lawn. Read more...

    Teri Orr: Worth spreading
    03/20/2015 04:19 PM MDT - They are threads... different textures and colors...both natural and fantastically manmade. At first, they are just loose threads. Read more...

    Jay Meehan: The effects of intemperance upon bracketology
    03/17/2015 05:01 PM MDT - "The problem with the world is that the intelligent people are full of doubts, while the stupid ones are full of confidence. Read more...

    Amy Roberts: Techless in Nebraska
    03/17/2015 05:01 PM MDT - I am not an exceptionally techie person. If it were up to me, we would all still have VCRs, flip phones and an Atari for entertainment. Read more...

    Tom Clyde: Gone Gorsuch
    03/13/2015 04:42 PM MDT - Many years ago, when Kimball Junction was a cow pasture, a very broad community consensus emerged that we needed better retail options here. Read more...

    Teri Orr: A different beat and drum and orchestra
    03/13/2015 04:42 PM MDT - It is time for a change of scenery and thought patterns. After a long fall and strange non-wintery winter and a confused spring that has already been Read more...

    Jay Meehan: Tennessee waltz
    03/10/2015 04:57 PM MDT - My meet-up with Tennessee singer-songwriter Ted Murray Jones began innocently enough via a text message from my longtime amigo, the legendary Read more...

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  • Irvine Welsh, Joseph O'Neill up for comic-writing prize

    LONDON (AP) — Scottish novelist Irvine Welsh and Irish-American author Joseph O'Neill are among the finalists for a comic-writing award whose prize includes a bottle of champagne and a pig. Full Story
    (Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images)
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