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  • PCHS mountain bikers claim third title - 10/31/2014 05:08 PM MDT
  • Letters to the Editor, Nov. 1-4, 2014 - 10/31/2014 05:10 PM MDT
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    Record offers endorsements and encouragement to get out and vote

    The Park Record editorial, Nov. 1-4, 2014
    10/31/2014 05:18 PM MDT
    As of lunchtime Friday 2,689 Summit County voters had cast their ballots -- but that leaves approximately 22,000 of you who have yet to make your 
    County voters have some good choices for state races
    10/28/2014 05:03 PM MDT - Spoiler alert. The Park Record is about to endorse candidates in some of the upcoming state races. If you think the paper should remain mute on its Read more...

    County needs to rethink hybrid government format
    10/24/2014 04:32 PM MDT - Imagine trying to run a business in which the company's top executives are all independently elected officials, answerable not to the company's CEO Read more...

    Every Summit County vote needed in McAleer race for Congress
    10/21/2014 05:07 PM MDT - If you want the country to move forward, do not sit out this important election. A Summit County woman is running for Congress, and she has earned Read more...

    Vote yes on Basin Recreation bond
    10/17/2014 04:30 PM MDT - Early voting starts Tuesday, continues through Friday and re-opens the following week. Our final opportunity to cast a ballot is Nov. Read more...

    City Hall should encourage, not stifle, Bonanza Park
    10/14/2014 05:20 PM MDT - and large, Park City residents take pride in City Hall's rigorous development standards and sophisticated planning initiatives. Read more...

    Our mountain playground's future depends on your participation
    10/10/2014 04:38 PM MDT - Don't think of it as a meeting. Think of it as a chance to fantasize about a perfect world in which commuters, skiers, hikers and cyclists, tourists Read more...

    Emergency manager won't be missed until there is an emergency
    10/07/2014 04:11 PM MDT - Summit County's part-time emergency manager, Kevin Callahan, retired last month and his responsibilities have been turned over, for the time being, Read more...

    School administrators need to know who is carrying guns on campus
    09/30/2014 04:56 PM MDT - A recent poll of Utah voters suggests that most believe teachers should be allowed to carry guns into their classrooms. Read more...

    County invites residents to help steer transportation plans
    09/26/2014 04:22 PM MDT - A herd of dairy cows used to meander across State Road 224 on a regular basis. That was back when the entryway to Park City was a two-lane road with Read more...

    (Tina Fineberg/AP)
    Superheroes, hazmat suits in NY Halloween parade

    NEW YORK (AP) — Bloody zombies lumbered alongside superheroes, cowboys shared the road with villains and marchers in hazardous-materials garb evoked the Ebola crisis as the Greenwich Village Halloween Parade made its freewheeling way through downtown Manhattan on Friday. Full Story
    (Carrie Antlfinger/AP)
    Creator of Operation couldn't afford own operation

    BLOOMINGDALE, Ill. (AP) — The creator of the board game Operation needed his own operation, and it turned out he couldn't afford to pay for it. Full Story