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Letters to the Editor, May 27, 2015

Submissions from Park Record readers
05/26/2015 04:33 PM MDT
Running With Ed has lasting impact on school district Editor:The 6th annual Running with Ed (RWE) 38-mile relay race was held May 16 and was another 
Guest editorial: Teenage brains aren't wired for morning thinking
05/26/2015 04:33 PM MDT - What's that "zzzzzzzzz" sound coming from Park City High School? It's teenagers sleeping through first period. Read more...

Guest editorial: Disappointing follow-through on historic preservation provokes doubt
05/26/2015 04:33 PM MDT - In fact, when ownership of the structures in question transferred along with ski area rights in a purchase from United Park City Mining, an Read more...

Letters to the Editor, May 23-26, 2015
05/22/2015 04:27 PM MDT - Riverhorse hosts 'party of the year'Editor:Riverhorse on Main once again hosted the culinary party of the year. Read more...

Guest editorial: Lots of time on trails and dogs haven't been a problem
05/22/2015 04:27 PM MDT - During the past year or so it seems like every week The Park Record has an article about someone getting attacked by an off-leash dog. Read more...

Letters to the Editor, May 20-22, 2015
05/19/2015 04:36 PM MDT - Recycle Utah is helping to raise environmentally conscious kidsEditor:As another Earth Day celebration recedes into memory, elementary counselors Read more...

Guest editorial: Student supports moving PCCAPS to high school media center
05/19/2015 04:36 PM MDT - There have been students at both Treasure Mountain Junior High and the Park City High School that stand opposed to the planned renovation of the Read more...

Guest editorial: Conserving our land and our way of life
05/15/2015 04:34 PM MDT - The lands, waters and open spaces in and around Summit County are a part of our history, our character and our way of life. Read more...

Letters to the Editor, May 16-19, 2015
05/15/2015 04:34 PM MDT - Man's best friend gets another demeritEditor:Add me to the growing list of dog bite victims. On Tuesday morning May 12 at 8:30 a. Read more...

Letters to the Editor, May 13-15, 2015
05/12/2015 04:08 PM MDT - Drought is still an issue, despite rain Editor:Smelling the freshness and enjoying the gentle "plop-plop" of the recent Spring rains that were Read more...

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  • Family returns found dog tags to veteran's relatives

    ROSWELL, N.M. (AP) — Basil Robinson's relatives have his military dog tags back after a family found them in a dumpster while searching for scrap metal. Full Story
    Historian, author of 'The Pacific' Hugh Ambrose dies at 48

    HELENA, Mont. (AP) — Hugh Ambrose, who wrote the World War II history "The Pacific" after years of researching for his father, the renowned historian Stephen Ambrose, has died at age 48. Full Story
    ( Randy McMullen )
    Emma Stone, Andrew Garfield reunited?

    'The Amazing Spider-Man' co-stars have been spotted together around L.A. amid reports their romance is back on.