A 37-year-old Wasatch County woman is serving time in prison after bilking thousands of dollars from an Arizona couple by pretending to be a wedding planner.

In October, Tania Clark admitted she stole about $28,000 from an Arizona couple by agreeing to arrange their wedding at Canyons. According to investigators, Clark was supposed to use the money for room reservations, a photographer and alcohol to be served at the wedding.

She instead used a stolen credit card to pay Canyons for the room reservations, according to Summit County Attorney David Brickey.

She charged about $21,000 on the stolen card, Brickey said.

"When [the couple] arrived at the Canyons the folks initially treated them very standoffish because of course the Canyons thought that [the couple] had used a stolen credit card," he said.

The victims, Nate and Tina Herd, attended Monday's sentencing hearing.

"[Nate Herd] told the judge just how large of an impact it was," Brickey said. "When they got engaged they indicated to the judge that all they had was $15,000. That's all they wanted to spend At the end, what was supposed to be a $15,000 wedding cost them $47,000."

Clark pleaded guilty to unlawful acquisition, possession or transfer of a financial card and theft by deception, both second-degree felonies. She was sentenced Dec. 20 and could serve up to 15 years in prison for each count. The judge ordered Clark to serve the prison terms consecutively.

Clark was also ordered to pay restitution to the Herds in the amount of $47,487.

Clark was also sentenced in a separate case Dec.


20. She pleaded guilty in October to two counts of unlawful acquisition, possession or transfer of a financial card, both third-degree felonies.

She was sentenced to serve up to five years in prison for each of those counts. The judge ordered those prison terms to run consecutively.

Prosecutors contend that while employed by Silver Mountain Sports Club and Spa Clark used the company's credit card to pay her telephone bill.

Clark did not have permission from the business to use the credit card. Brickey said Clark also stole credit card numbers from two members of the health club.

She used those cards to pay her club dues and electrical bill, Brickey said.

Clark was ordered to pay restitution to Silver Mountain Sports Club and Spa in the amount of $105.38.

Brickey said nobody from Clark's family attended the sentencing hearing.

"It's a reflection of just what she has done to the trust within her own family and her friends," Brickey said. "It's an absolute tragedy that this woman didn't appreciate what she was doing at the time and the impact she had on her community."

She was taken to prison Dec. 20.

Brickey said Clark has scammed other people out of thousands of dollars in the past. While falsely claiming she had cancer, Brickey said Clark collected money from several donors in Utah about five years ago.

"Hopefully she won't defraud anymore hockey teams, neighbors or friends," Brickey said.