Amid budget discussions and licensed employee negotiations, the Park City School Board recently hired former Utah State Office of Education School Finance Director and Associate Superintendent for Business Services Todd Hauber as the new PCSD Business Administrator. Hauber will begin working part time until June 1, after which he will be on the job full time.

According to Park City School Board President Moe Hickey, Hauber comes highly recommended and has several years experience working with the Utah State Legislature and in a few departments within the Utah State Office of Education.

"He's personable, polished and professional," Hickey said. "He has a great background and resume, and I think he's a team player. I think he's someone that is going to be proactive and someone we want to work with going forward."

Hauber replaces Patty Murphy, who left the position in March.

During the May 15 school board meeting, board members hope to adopt a tentative budget, according to present Park City School District Business Administrator Patrick Ogden, who temporarily assumed the position earlier this year after former PCSD Business Administrator Patty Murphy resigned.

The school district has been working non-stop on budget recommendations for the 2012-2013 school year, Ogden said, adding that the General Fund Budget Scenarios document provides three possible options that board members can use as a starting point during the May 15 school board meeting.


Each scenario includes budget cuts, along with either a $1 million property tax increase, or a $2 million property tax increase. Scenario one shows what the budget would be if the school board only adopted PCSD Superintendent Ray Timothy's budget recommendations.

"If they cut the budget by $5 million that would essentially bring our reserves up to the recommended levels and it gives us a flat budget from the current year," Ogden said. "What it doesn't do is provide any money for salary negotiations and it goes forth with some pretty tough budget cuts in terms of reducing a lot of teaching positions, and having employees absorb a lot of the (health) insurance costs."

If the School Board adopts Scenario 2, which includes budget cuts along with a $1 million property tax increase, a primary home owner would be taxed about $27 more annually, and a business or secondary residence about $49. If the school board ops for a tax increase, a Truth in Taxation hearing must be presented to the public and the county must be notified by June 22.

Ogden said once the school board adopts a tentative budget on May 15, they can move forward and prepare a detailed budget for the final adoption in June.

For more information about the 2012-2013 General Fund Scenario document visit , and click the Board Meetings link. The next Board Meeting is scheduled May 15 at the Park City School District Office at 4 p.m.