Some time between 8 p.m. Wednesday night and 8 a.m. Thursday, Aug. 23 at a parking lot on Landmark Drive, someone jacked up a Jeep Wrangler and stole five tires and rims, including the rear spare, leaving no evidence or fingerprints at the scene.

A deceased man was found in Silver Creek by a neighbor after his wife who was out of town was unable to reach him and asked he be checked on.

When a deputy performed a traffic stop in Kamas for no insurance, he discovered the driver had an active warrant for his arrest. The driver was arrested and transported to jail.

A deputy in Oakley discovered a resident had an active warrant for his arrest and consequently arrested him and booked him into jail.

On Friday, Aug. 24, there were several brush fires in Echo Canyon near the Wyoming State Line that were contained quickly and no structures were damaged. Utah Highway Patrol was called in to control traffic because of the smoke, which cleared up quickly.

A man spray-painted profanity on a rock wall with black spray paint next door to a store in Jeremy Ranch.

A woman had property belonging to her mother in-law stolen from her car when it was being serviced at a location near Kimball Junction, according to the report. Several other people were missing items as well.

Deputies responded to find a woman passed out from alcohol on a couch after receiving a call from a bus driver. When she began to seize, medical was called and she was taken to Wasatch Hospital.


After a deputy smelled alcohol on a juvenile, he administered some tests which came up positive for alcohol consumption. The youth was arrested and booked. Another youth was referred to Juvenile Court for possession of tobacco and alcohol consumption when he and others were contacted at a gas station near Kimball Junction on Friday night.

Two more youth were referred to Juvenile Court and one adult male booked into jail when they were found with alcohol, tobacco, drugs and paraphernalia.

Around 4:30 a.m., on Saturday several people in Pinebrook began calling in that their mailboxes had just been smashed. Deputies searched the area for suspects and found a car with three juveniles dropping off a friend in Pinebrook after playing video games all night. After smelling alcohol, deputies searched the car and found an open container of alcohol, marijuana, drug paraphernalia and tobacco. All three juveniles had consumed alcohol.

The driver was arrested and released for DUI, but it was determined that the kids were likely not responsible for the mailbox smashing. Eleven houses were hit on Stagecoach and four on Buckboard. Residents heard three to four teenage male voices at about 3 to 4 a.m. running and laughing through the area. Deputies think a golf club was possibly used to damage the mailboxes, lights and a car.

The Salt Lake City Police Department reported it had several people in custody for car theft outside the Park City jurisdiction. The occupants were found driving a stolen Toyota 4Runner from the Aug. 15 Summit Park burglary.

A female reported she helped a girl home who might have been raped, but the girl reporting the possible crime was extremely intoxicated and refused to talk to either EMS or deputies and the investigation is still open.

When a man dropped his truck off to get work done at a local auto shop, someone entered the truck and stole tools and diesel fuel.

A resident was reported four days overdue from his 10-day Uinta area camping trip. His car was not found at the campgrounds or trailheads along S.R.150. He was last seen Aug. 14 at the Bald Mountain trailhead.

Two and a half miles southwest of the Utah/Wyoming border, a man became drowsy while driving home and ran off the road at 2:30 a.m. He awoke, over-corrected and rolled his car. Because his car was in a remote location, the accident was not reported until 6 a.m. The driver only sustained minor scratches.

During the night, a teenage girl was assaulted by an intoxicated male friend. He assaulted her in the car when she tried to get him to leave the car. A friend restrained him and he was later apprehended in the Salt Lake Area.

On Sunday Aug 26, a driver was pulled over on S.R. 224 for an equipment violation and was discovered to have an active warrant, suspended license and was in violation of an ignition interlock restriction. Then a pipe with marijuana residue was found. The driver was arrested and booked into jail and the car was impounded.

During another traffic stop on S.R. 224 for an equipment violation, the officer could smell marijuana coming from the passenger compartment. A car search revealed drug paraphernalia belonging to the front passenger. Both driver and passenger were booked into jail.

On Monday, Aug. 27, a driver was stopped for having no insurance. The driver was driving on a revoked license and did not have an ignition interlock device installed. He was arrested and transported to jail. The car was impounded.

A car was pulled over for speeding. While his information was being run, the K-9 alerted the police to the trunk area of the car. The car was searched and marijuana and drug paraphernalia was found. It belonged to the passenger who was arrested.

Another K-9 sniff on a speeding violation indicated something amiss with the driver's door. The driver told the officer he had marijuana and a pipe on himself as well as items in the car. A search revealed this to be the case and he was arrested and his car towed.

Summit County Public Works found a wooden box containing marijuana and a pipe. The items were booked into evidence to be destroyed.