A musician in a band named Profane Sass who was arrested on Main Street in July after a confrontation with the police died on Monday after falling off a freight train on the East Coast.

Tomas Garreton was 25 years old. He grew up in Hillsboro, Ore., and his permanent address was there. He traveled frequently playing music, though.

His mother, Toni Garreton, said he grew up listening to the Beatles and Neil Young.

"The love is pouring in from the whole world right now. He was an extraordinary person," his mother said. "He really found his voice when he started singing."

Garreton wrote lyrics about injustices in society, she said. He played the guitar, the mandolin and the drums, and he was the lead singer of Profane Sass.

"He was singing for the poor. He was singing for the hungry," she said.

Garreton said he was riding a freight train between Philadelphia and Baltimore when he fell off and was killed. He fell outside of Philadelphia, she said. She said he had ridden trains for years.

"He lived the life he chose and he loved the life he lived," she said.

Profane Sass was performing on a Main Street sidewalk on July 18 when band members attracted the attention of the Park City Police Department and the city's Building Department.

A dispute about City Hall's permitting requirements ensued, prosecutors have said, claiming that the band was seen panhandling and obstructing the sidewalk.

Garreton and another band member were arrested.


Garreton was charged with interfering with a police officer making a lawful arrest. He was scheduled to make an initial appearance in Third District Court this coming Monday. Prosecutors by midday Thursday had not been informed of his death.