Summit County Attorney David Brickey and a Third District Court judge on Monday morning briefly discussed the criminal case against the late Tomas Garreton, a member of the band Profane Sass who was arrested in Park City in July.

Garreton died on Sept. 3 in a fall from a freight train outside of Philadelphia. Garreton rode freight trains for years, his mother said.

Judge Todd Shaughnessy called out Garreton's name to step to the front of the courtroom. Brickey then told him of the death.

"It appears he may have passed away in Philadelphia," Brickey said.

The county attorney afterward said he will verify that a death certificate has been issued by Pennsylvania officials for Garreton. He will dismiss the charges once the death has been verified, Brickey said.

Garreton was one of two members of Profane Sass charged after a confrontation with the police.