A Park City Police Department motorcycle officer was injured Tuesday night in a collision with a deer on Kearns Boulevard, the police said.

The police did not release the officer's name. Phil Kirk, a police captain, said the officer has been with the department for a few years. Kirk declined to provide details about the injuries but said the officer was taken to the hospital.

According to Kirk, the officer was riding westbound on Kearns Boulevard close to the Park City Cemetery. He was approximately 700 feet west of the Bonanza Drive intersection. The accident was reported at 10:46 p.m.

Kirk said the police believe the deer was in the cemetery, hopped the fence and went into the road. The deer "jumped right in front of him. It was dark," Kirk said.

"He was able to get on police radio and let us know what happened," the captain said.

A Park City Fire District ambulance took the officer to the Park City Medical Center. Kirk said the officer was treated and released without being admitted. It was not clear how long the officer will be out of work.

The deer was killed on impact. The motorcycle was damaged. The Utah Highway Patrol is investigating the accident. It is standard procedure to request an outside agency conduct an accident investigation when a police officer is involved.