In last week's Sheriff's Report was a man found deceased in his living room in East Summit County on Tuesday, Oct. 2. He had not been heard from for over a week. When his daughter came to his house, she found her father.

In other incidents reported by the Sheriff's Department, during a traffic stop on I-80 for an expired registration on Sunday, Oct. 6, it was discovered the driver had three active warrants, for which deputies took him into custody.

Someone called to inform deputies about hunters on private ground in the Basin. When deputies arrived they found the hunters just coming down from the private property, which was clearly marked. Both hunters were cited for trespassing.

A woman called 911 several times about her vehicle being repossessed, and also complained the repossession company had trespassed on her property to retrieve the vehicle. She said she wanted to prosecute the company. Deputies advised her that it was a civil problem and that she should contact the credit union that ordered the repossession to work it out with them.

Two male suspects were in custody on Saturday, Oct. 6 after shoplifting in Kimball Junction. They both confessed to taking the items and were cited and released on a Class B Misdemeanor Theft. They were also banned from the store.

On Friday, Oct. 5, a woman reported that she had allegedly left money in her resort hotel room for a housekeeping tip, plus money in an envelope in the drawer.


The money went missing but housekeeping had not been in the room. Hotel staff looked up who had used keys to her room and said the pool maintenance guy had. When he was questioned, however, he denied having taken the money. The case is still under investigation.

The ADHD medicine of a Basin area juvenile continually comes up missing a couple pills at a time. The father said he suspects the housekeeper, who denied taking them. The father has no evidence to support his suspicions and didn't want deputies to contact the housekeeper.

A suspect stole gas from a car in East Summit County on Thursday, Oct. 4 on several occasions, the last time disengaging the gas line in order to drain the tank. There are no suspects at this time and extra patrol has been requested.

Deputies responded to a fraud call concerning a mountain bike on Wednesday, Oct. 3 in the Basin. A man allegedly purchased a mountain bike on eBay but never received the bike. The seller claims to have sent it Federal Express, and after a few conversations back and forth with the seller, the buyer contacted police.

A deputy pulled a car over on Wednesday night on I-80 and discovered the passenger had an active no-bail warrant for her arrest. She was taken into custody and transported to jail.

A deputy pulled a car over for an expired registration and an equipment violation on I-80, and smelled alcohol on the driver. He then failed a field sobriety test and was arrested and transported to jail, where he refused a chemical test. He was booked on a DUI, driving on alcohol restrictions and for the equipment violation.

Deputies responded to the report of a structure fire in East Summit County and found a double garage fully engulfed in flames. They assisted South Summit Fire with traffic control.

A man was in the road in the Kimball Junction area on Tuesday, Oct. 2, yelling very loudly for a woman's dog. When deputies confronted him, the man was unable to give a straight answer about the incident and spoke about himself in third person. Because of his unusual behavior and statements, deputies listed him as a mental subject. The deputies told the woman to call the Sheriff's Office if there is another incident with the man.

A deputy responded to a dispute in East Summit County between a resident and a dump truck driver on Monday, Oct. 1. The resident said the dump truck was driving unsafely, so she pulled in front of his truck, blocking his path, and confronted him. She said trucks drive recklessly up and down the streets. The deputy told her not to take matters into her own hands again, but she may call the Sheriff's Office if she has concerns.

A Summit County employee claimed gas was siphoned out of his county vehicle during the last week while it was parked in the county parking lot. He said they've had similar experiences in the last few weeks.

A man and his brother flagged over an officer in East Summit County and requested to have an ambulance meet them because the man was having a breathing problem. When they arrived, the suspect was treated and transported to the hospital for what appeared to be a drug-induced psychosis. The man admitted to smoking marijuana with his friend.

Following a traffic stop on I-80, the vehicle was impounded and the driver was cited for failure to register his vehicle. The driver was then transported to a local store per his request.

A boy's mother called the Sheriff's Office, asking a deputy to check on the welfare of her son in East Summit County. It was discovered that the son had checked into alcohol rehabilitation.

A deputy assisted jailers in transporting an inmate to the Park City Medical Center on Monday night.