Timothy Jacobson, age, and Matthew Blakeman, age , were arrested and booked into jail Tuesday, Oct. 9 for possession of drugs and drug paraphernalia, when 24 heroin balloons and a syringe loaded with heroine were discovered inside Jacobson's vehicle at a gas station off S.R. 224.

"Each of those balloons carries a very, very small amount of heroin," Summit County Sheriff Spokesman Sgt. Ron Bridge said. "But it was a fairly sizable amount of heroin. That was a very good arrest."

Deputy Nakaishi made contact with the two men in the gas station parking lot and checked their records, discovering that Blakeman had four outstanding state warrants.

Nakaishi then searched both men and found 20 heroin balloons in Blakeman's possession and an additional four balloons inside Blakeman's Gatorade bottle.

Nakaishi then searched Jacobson's vehicle and found the syringe.

"That he was able to sniff that out and get that arrest. That's an outstanding job on his part," Bridge said.

Bridge noted the drug's presence in the community is on the rise.

"Heroin is growing as a recreational drug throughout the state, including Summit County," he said.

The rise in heroin use may be attributed to its relatively low cost and ease of access, he said.

- Caroline Kingsley