Just two days into early voting, 1,109 Summit County citizens have already cast their ballots.

Summit County Clerk Kent Jones said he was pleased with the strong steady turnout so far and that the process was moving smoothly. The Richins building at Kimball Junction had logged the most voters of the four early-voting locations in the county as of Wednesday afternoon.

Jones also reported that 1,240 new voters had registered since the June primary election, bringing the total number of registered voters in Summit County to 26,099.

Based on those who registered with a specific political party, Summit County's Republicans attracted the most new voters. Their number increased from 7,123 to 7,787 between the primary and the last day of registration. Those registered as Democrats increased from 3,806 to 4,227.

Even with the new registrations, however, Summit County's electorate has shrunk since the last presidential election in 2008. There were 27,277 names on the voter rolls that year.

Summit County Deputy Clerk Ryan Cowley explained, the clerk's office made a concerted effort to clean up the voter rollls following the last General Election and were able to purge many who had moved out of the county or might have been listed under maiden names, etc.

The redistricting process and new technology also helped to make the lists more accurate, he added.

Early voting continues weekdays through Nov. 2 at the Kamas Town Hall, the Summit County Courthouse, the Sheldon Richins Building and The Marsac Building.


Registered Summit County voters can cast their ballots at any of the four locations.