A sculpture of a horse has been placed on a piece of land close to the City Park skate park as part of a City Hall art-on-loan program.

Park City built three sculpture platforms as part of the program and will allow selected artists to put their works on them for 12-month periods. The Public Art Advisory Board oversees the program on behalf of the municipal government.

City Hall received three applications in what was its first request for ideas. The horse, named "Flaco" and created by an artist named James Burnes, was the only one selected. Burnes has studios in Santa Fe, N.M., and Weston, Mass. The sculpture is made of steel and cedar wood. It is located between the skate park and Park Avenue.

The piece was put in the location in the middle of November. The artist retains ownership.

Another platform is located approximately 12 feet from the horse sculpture while the other one sits in front of Miners Hospital.