The Park City Police Department was called to the Park City Ice Arena in early December to intervene in what was described to the police as a heated exchange between parents of players on opposite teams of a hockey game.

The Dec. 5 game pitted the Park City High School Miners against the Timpanogos High School Timberwolves from Orem. The police were contacted at 8:23 p.m., apparently as the game was ending or just after the game was finished.

Police logs indicated the parents were heated at one point but had calmed down. The person who contacted the police requested an officer be sent to the Ice Arena. It was not clear whether staffers at the Ice Arena or someone else at the facility contacted the police.

Rick Ryan, a police captain, said the scene was "calm, quiet" by the time officers arrived. Four officers responded. Two of the officers remained at the scene and then watched over the parking lot until the crowd left, Ryan said.

"It was calm and stayed calm. No issues once we were there," Ryan said.

Ryan said the confrontation between the fans did not become physical and the officers who responded did not need to talk to the people involved since the situation had become calm.

Jon Pistey, the operations manager at the Ice Arena, said the exchange started when a Park City High School fan became rowdy. Pistey said a referee told the person to leave the stands. The person then went into the lobby, he said.

Pistey said situations like the one on Dec.


5 are rare at the Ice Arena.