An officer in the Park City Police Department has retired amid an investigation into the disappearance of an undisclosed amount of money from two pots of funding, Police Chief Wade Carpenter acknowledged on Monday.

The police chief did not identify the officer or provide details about the person, including the officer's gender, time of service in the Police Department and the officer's rank at the time of the retirement.

The officer retired within the past two weeks, Carpenter said. He said the retirement was not requested by department leadership. It is unlikely the Police Department would identify the person unless charges are filed. The police chief said the Summit County Attorney's Office will eventually screen the case for criminal charges. Carpenter declined to detail the amount of money that is missing.

He said some of the money in question was controlled by the local lodge of the Fraternal Order of Police, an organization involved in events like the annual Shop With a Cop that partners underprivileged kids with police officers for a morning of gift buying. The balance that has disappeared was Police Department funding. Carpenter did not provide details about the source of the department funding.

Carpenter said the Fraternal Order of Police money that is in question accounts for most of the missing funds. The department money represents a small portion, he said.

The police chief said Attorney General Mark Shurtleff's office is investigating the missing money from the Fraternal Order of Police.


Shurtleff's office did not immediately comment on the case.

Carpenter said an audit was conducted into the money missing from the department. The results have been forwarded to Shurtleff's office, the chief said.

The case is separate from a police inquiry involving a not-for-profit organization that was publicized earlier in December. In that case, the Police Department is investigating a claim that an executive with the organization either embezzled or misappropriated approximately $20,000. The investigation is continuing. The police have not made public details like the name of the nonprofit.