A Silver Lake Village man on Thursday approached Park City leaders about allowing some all-terrain vehicles on city streets.

Dave Novak appeared at a Park City Council meeting with the idea, but he did not win the support he needed for the elected officials to further consider the topic. A majority of the City Councilors did not want the idea pursued.

In an interview afterward, Novak said he wanted the City Council to weigh whether street-legal all-terrain vehicles should be allowed on city streets.

"I want to park my SUV, which is a gas guzzler, and use a more friendly vehicle," Novak said.

He said other communities larger than Park City allow them on public streets.

Liza Simpson, a member of the City Council, countered that safety would be a concern if all-terrain vehicles were allowed on the streets. She noted the amount of traffic on S.R. 224 in her comments.

All-terrain vehicles are prohibited from city streets inside Park City.

Police Chief Wade Carpenter told the elected officials it would be "dangerous" to allow them on city streets. He said there is not access from Park City to trails that allow motorized vehicles and said there could be enforcement issues if someone on an all-terrain vehicle drove onto private property.

In an interview, Carpenter also said all-terrain vehicles are not outfitted with airbags and are not built to withstand accidents.


The discussion came more than two years after Park City leaders rejected an idea by a Park Meadows man to launch a taxi service using all-terrain vehicles. There were safety concerns at that time as well.