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Two baby moose lounge in a backyard in Old Town on Friday May 3rd. Photo courtesy of Megan Yeiter.

The four-legged animal in the neighborhood might not be a dog or a cat.

There has been a series of moose sightings in recent weeks in Park City, and many of them have been along or close to residential streets.

A state wildlife official assigned to Park City and surrounding Summit County said moose at this time of year are attempting to move between elevations. Sometimes they have difficulty ascending to the higher elevations because the ground remains covered with snow, said Bruce Johnson, the Division of Wildlife Resources conservation officer whose assignment includes Park City.

Johnson said the moose are still finding the food they need at the lower elevations. The vegetation that they feed on is greener now at the lower elevations of Park City, he said.

Johnson said he had received two or three calls about moose in Park City since mid-April. Wildlife officials have not removed any of the moose from Park City recently. If the moose become a problem, the Division of Wildlife Resources sometimes tranquilizes them and moves them to a wilderness area.

Johnson said he anticipates the moose will move to higher elevations as the weather improves and the snow melts.

Johnson recommends people not crowd a moose if they see one. The animal may see the people as threatening.

In the final week of April, the Park City Police Department continued to field calls from people who had spotted moose. Some of the cases included:



  • on Sunday, April 28, a moose was seen crossing the street along the 500 block of Main Street. It was crossing toward the east side of Main Street and then toward Swede Alley, the police were told. Police logs indicated the moose was not creating a traffic hazard or drawing a crowd of onlookers.


  • on Saturday, April 27 at 7:47 a.m., a driver stopped a police officer to report seeing as moose in the vicinity of the 1300 block of Park Avenue. The animal was found at or close to the intersection of Woodside Avenue and 12th Street.


  • on Friday, April 26 at 8:11 p.m., a moose was seen at the intersection of Deer Valley Drive and Park Avenue, a high-traffic location. The animal was attempting to cross the road, the police were told. Either the same moose or another one was reported to be in a courtyard at about the same time. Police logs indicated that "not much can be done."


  • on Thursday, April 25 at 2:52 p.m., the police indicated the authorities received a 911 emergency call about a moose that was seen on the 1200 block of Empire Avenue.


  • on Wednesday, April 24 at 7:15 a.m., a moose was seen on a sidewalk along the 1100 block of Park Avenue


  • on Monday, April 22 a young moose was spotted on the 400 block of Main Street. The Police Department was told the moose drew a crowd of people taking pictures.

    In earlier weeks this spring, moose were seen on or close to streets like Woodside Avenue, lower Iron Horse Loop, Park Avenue and the Deer Valley Drive-Aerie Drive intersection. One was also seen on the top level of the China Bridge garage. There has been a consistent string of sightings since early April.