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Holy Water Buffalo has been busy over the past few months. The Heber-based band has released two new singles and a music video. It was also selected by public vote to be one of the Utah-based bands to play the Grand Valley Bank Community Concert Series at Deer Valley this summer. (Photo by Darling Wolley)
Throughout the nearly three years since releasing its self-titled debut CD in the winter of 2010, Holy Water Buffalo has performed multiple gigs in Park City, Heber, Midway, Salt Lake City and Moab, to name a few.

Last week, the Heber-based rock quartet was listed among the Utah bands that landed a spot on the Grand Valley Bank Community Concert Series at Deer Valley this summer after a month-long public voting process.

Next week, the band is scheduled to perform at the State Room in Salt Lake City, opening up for the Technicolor and another Utah-based band, Fictionist.

Earlier this year, the band — guitarist and singer Thomas Brunson, drummer Steven Siggard, bassist Jeff Vanderlinden and keyboardist Zaz McDonald — started work on new material.

To date, the Heber-based, rock quartet has completed two new songs — "Lamborghinis in Space" and "Better to Remain" — and a music video.

For Brunson, all this activity is just part of his job.

"We've been working hard and playing live a lot, and we are excited about the two new singles," he told The Park Record during a rare few minutes of downtime. "We're working on a new batch of recordings and hope to have a new CD out within the next year."

In the meantime, the completed works can be accessed through the band's website at .

The ideas for "Lamborghinis in Space" popped out when the band was riding in a van in Midway.


"We were heading to our bass player's house in Midway, and just goofing off," Brunson said. "We were talking about one of our friends named Tiffany that we love dearly and hang out with a lot.

"Steven said, 'She talks faster than a Lamborghini' and that's how the song started," Brunson said. "I liked the words and decided to write a song, and used them as the first line. The other lyrics are kind of random. In fact, the whole song is kind of random, but we created a crazy rock song."

"Better to Remain," on the other hand shows another side of the band.

"It talks about going through hard times," Brunson said. "Even though those times are tough, it's better to remain and be true to yourself."

Because of the song's message, the band decided it would be a good selection for a music video.

"Of the two, it's more single material and radio friendly," Brunson said. "So, we went with it."

The music video was shot in Salt Lake's Rigby Road Studios and in the Heber Valley, using the band's longtime friend and director Stevie J of Wild Wasatch Media and producer Joel Pack, whom the band met at the Utah Beer Festival last year.

"We were running all around trying to cash in our beer tickets and I bumped into Joel in one of the lines and we hit it off," Brunson said. "He owns Rigby Road Studios and I love the technical side of music and the engineering and producing. So, we talked about all of that and decided to work with him."

The opening piano riff of "Better to Remain" was written four years ago.

"It was funny, because I didn't think about it after all this time, but Zaz, our keyboard player, pulled it back out of thin air six or seven months ago," Brunson said. "I couldn't believe he remembered it."

McDonald changed the key and Brunson came up with the guitar part.

"It was kind of cool how it all came together," Brunson said.

The video was shot with the band in the studio and throughout the Heber Valley.

"We wanted it to represent our band," Brunson explained. "We wanted it to show our fun-and-silly nature and the love we all have for each other.

"We also wanted to show where we came from, so that's why we did a lot of shooting in Heber."

The band also wanted the video to appeal to a wide spectrum of people.

"We wanted those who know us to understand us better, and we wanted those who don't know us to get a taste of who we are," Brunson said. "I mean we're just this little band from Heber who just wants to play music."

The video shoot took two days.

"We were able to get all the footage we needed in that time," Brunson said. "But it took about a month to edit."

While the band filmed and recorded "Better to Remain," it simultaneously recorded "Lamborghinis in Space" over a three-day weekend.

"It was really fast, but we had the songs mapped out to what we wanted them to sound like," Brunson said.

Even before Holy Water Buffalo entered the studio, band members knew they wanted to record "Better to Remain," but didn't know what the second song should be.

"We sent Joel a demo CD with all the different songs we had in mind and he sent us back a note telling us he thought 'Lamborghinis in Space' was a cool song and we should do it," Brunson said. "So, we got together and recorded a scratch track by playing acoustically with a metronome for a guide."

The next day the band recorded bass and organ, and the followed that up with drums, guitar and vocals.

"It was a really awesome experience," Brunson said.

With the new songs and video completed, the band is looking forward to its show at Deer Valley on July 3.

"We're really honored that people wanted us to play there," Brunson said. "We played there three years ago, and it was great, because the audience made us feel like locals, even though we're from Heber.

"But as you know, it's the people who support us and love us that made all of this possible," he said. "We want to thank the fans in Park City and Heber and whoever has supported Holy Water Buffalo."

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