Representatives from the two sides in the lawsuit between Park City Mountain Resort and Talisker Land Holdings, LLC have been tightlipped about whether they have come to an agreement to keep PCMR open this coming ski season. The latest extension of a court-imposed deadline to mediate a settlement passed Sunday without any new information being released to the public.

Also, late Tuesday afternoon, the attorneys asked to continue today's scheduled bond hearing until Friday, with a time to be determined by the judge.

Last week, PCMR stated: "Our goal is, and has always been, to keep the resort open for the 2014/15 season and beyond. We are continuing to work with Vail/Talisker towards a reasonable resolution and will provide an update to the Court prior to the bond ruling on Wednesday, September 3." (Now set for Friday, Sept. 5.)

PCMR representative Krista Parry said in a text message on Monday that the resort's earlier statement was still accurate.

When contacted Sunday, Talisker attorney John Lund reiterated the same message, saying the parties were still working together.

As part of the mediation, both sides are legally required to keep those discussions confidential. Over the weekend, they declined to confirm or deny whether mediation had concluded.

Both sides are now expected to return to Third District Court on Friday to hear Judge Ryan Harris' ruling on the size of the bond that PCMR will need to post while it appeals the court's earlier determination that its lease had expired.


PCMR must post a bond to avoid potential eviction from the land it leases from Talisker, which includes most of the resort's ski terrain.

In a previous court hearing, PCMR's attorneys suggested that an appropriate amount for the bond would be between $1.02 million and $6.56 million. Talisker's side said the bond, which reflects past-due rent and legal costs, should be set at $123.9 million.

While lawyers argue that mediation and the amount of the bond are separate issues, the leap-frogging deadlines and extensions suggest they are intertwined. In the meantime, city leaders and business people in the community are counting the days until ski season and anxiously awaiting a decision on whether PCMR will be open for skiing this year and, if so, whether it will be operated by the current owner, Powdr Corp., by Vail Resorts, which runs Canyons for Talisker, or by some sort of new partnership.