• Orr: The (heart) beat goes on... - 04/29/2016 04:38 PM MDT
  • Meehan: Bears Ears and tequila shots - 04/26/2016 04:46 PM MDT
  • Clyde: Let's dump political parties - 04/29/2016 04:38 PM MDT
    Clyde: Let's dump political parties

    More Dogs on Main
    04/29/2016 04:38 PM MDT
    I guess it's all over now except the shouting. The Democrats will nominate Hilary Clinton, which is no surprise, and the Republicans will nominate 
    Orr: The (heart) beat goes on...
    04/29/2016 04:38 PM MDT - I've always had "A Thing" for drummers.I remember the dizzying, falling, falling, falling in love that happened to me, hard. Read more...

    Meehan: Bears Ears and tequila shots
    04/26/2016 04:46 PM MDT - Better bring us another round of 'Merican beer down here, barkeep. Once again my hippie-commie-pinko political mindset has raised some hackles in Read more...

    Roberts: A real Brew-ha-ha
    04/26/2016 05:06 PM MDT - Here's a list of things that are illegal in Utah:Whale hunting.Fishing with explosives.Not drinking milk. Read more...

    Clyde: Traffic studies continue to study
    04/27/2016 09:13 AM MDT - Now that ski season is over, traffic flow is not a problem. Take several hundred resort employees out of the mix, plus all the skiers, and traffic Read more...

    Orr: Surprises of spring
    04/27/2016 09:16 AM MDT - Yes, there is snow in the forecast for this week. And we act shocked there is still a bit of winter left in spring. Read more...

    Subduction zones
    04/19/2016 04:39 PM MDT - It's not the first time that the Nazca Tectonic Plate has peeked up under the dress of South America, but the shakes from Saturday's massive 7. Read more...

    On millennials
    04/19/2016 04:39 PM MDT - There's been a lot of talk this election season about the importance of the millennial vote. Democrats and Republicans are desperate to court them Read more...

    Annual tax rant
    04/15/2016 04:04 PM MDT - Tax returns are due on Monday. I'm not sure why the deadline was slipped ahead through the weekend, but it has something to do with a holiday in Read more...

    A night out...for all of us
    04/15/2016 04:03 PM MDT - My son, who lives down the hill in Salt Lake City, asked if I would do the teenage shuttle shuffle this week so he and his wife could have a Read more...

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