• Teri Orr: Dispatches from the edges... - 07/18/2014 04:50 PM MDT
  • Jay Meehan: Art rules - 07/22/2014 04:02 PM MDT
    Jay Meehan: Art rules

    Core Samples
    07/22/2014 04:02 PM MDT
    Being a sneaky sort, there was always a certain controlled ecstasy that would accompany me on my backdoor route from the Heber Valley to the Park 
    Amy Roberts: Happy campers
    07/22/2014 04:02 PM MDT - When I was a kid, my dad would take me and my two sisters camping every summer for one week. He always called it a vacation, but quite honestly, the Read more...

    Tom Clyde: Fear and loathing in the plumbing aisle
    07/18/2014 04:50 PM MDT - I'm a pretty good plumber. I wouldn't want to do a whole house, but when it comes to most repairs, I can handle it. Read more...

    Teri Orr: Dispatches from the edges...
    07/18/2014 04:50 PM MDT - When I was a young girl growing up in California, a lot of my friends had pen pals. They had friends in faraway places like New York, or Kansas, or Read more...

    Jay Meehan: It'll come to me
    07/15/2014 04:13 PM MDT - The fact that I can remember Boolean algebra, binary-coded decimal, the names of obscure passers-by in James Joyce's "Ulysses," large swaths of Allen Read more...

    Amy Roberts: Leap of faith
    07/15/2014 04:13 PM MDT - There are times in every adult's life when it all just gets to be too much. The kids are sick, the mortgage is overdue, the boss is being a jerk, you Read more...

    Tom Clyde: Just say 'om'
    07/11/2014 04:26 PM MDT - The Rainbow Family gathering is about over now. They had their big moment on the 4th of July when they all join hands and say "om. Read more...

    Teri Orr: The sweetness of summer/a mountain of issues
    07/11/2014 04:26 PM MDT - My always thoughtful, part-time neighbor knocked on the door this week with a giant bag of cherries. She had handpicked them from her neighbor's tree Read more...

    Jay Meehan: Lover's quarrel
    07/08/2014 04:49 PM MDT - It was love at first sight. Dawn had broken just as we began working our way up the two-lane from the highway into the snow-covered mountain valley Read more...

    Amy Roberts: Creating my own fireworks
    07/08/2014 04:49 PM MDT - The 4th of July tends to bring out the flag-waving, "my country 'tis of thee," stars and stripes patriot in all of us. Read more...

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  • New Jersey sues over Florida pizza shop logo

    TRENTON, N.J. (AP) — The New Jersey Turnpike Authority wants a Florida pizza shop to pay a big toll for using a logo similar to the Garden State Parkway's green and yellow signs. Full Story
    (Matt Sayles/Matt Sayles/Invision/AP)
    Stonestreet: Acceptance will grow for gay athletes

    NEW YORK (AP) — Actor Eric Stonestreet predicts that one day, it's not going to take an act of courage for an openly gay person to play in the NFL. Full Story