• Teri Orr: Against the darkness - 12/12/2014 04:44 PM MST
  • Jay Meehan: Kauai time - 12/16/2014 04:58 PM MST
  • Tom Clyde: Lambs for lots - 12/12/2014 04:44 PM MST
    Jay Meehan: Kauai time

    Core Samples
    12/16/2014 04:58 PM MST
    It's not just that I haven't worn shoes or long pants in what's quickly becoming a month or that the ballcap and slicker I brought along remained 
    Amy Roberts: 39 years, 39 lessons
    12/18/2014 09:58 AM MST - The difference between life and school is that in school, you're taught lessons and then you're given a test. Read more...

    Tom Clyde: Lambs for lots
    12/12/2014 04:44 PM MST - The Nov. 30, 2014, issue of The Salt Lake Tribune featured an article by Robert Gehrke that took a close look at a nasty problem brewing over in Read more...

    Teri Orr: Against the darkness
    12/12/2014 04:44 PM MST - This time of year, much of my workday happens at night. There are working dinners and events to attend or present. Read more...

    Jay Meehan: Holding patterns
    12/09/2014 04:44 PM MST - I've been truly attempting to keep focused on the lack of snow upon the slopes back in Utah but with geography and latitude over here in Kauai doing Read more...

    Amy Roberts: 30-something
    12/10/2014 10:30 AM MST - Next week I turn 39 years old. After that, I'm down to my last year in my thirties. I remember when I was in college and a guy asked me on a date. Read more...

    Tom Clyde: Super-fit super seniors
    12/05/2014 04:39 PM MST - With Deer Valley opening this weekend, ski season is fully underway. We've got everything but snow. There isn't a whole lot open, but what there is Read more...

    Teri Orr: It's about the blueberries...
    12/05/2014 04:39 PM MST - Years ago, so many it was more than 10 or 12, maybe even 15, the then-school superintendent brought in a speaker to inspire the teachers before Read more...

    Jay Meehan: Preservation halls
    12/02/2014 03:43 PM MST - The thought that my sister Mary Beth's hillside digs in the windward Kauai town of Kapa'a shared a spiritual vibe with the New Orleans "trad-jazz" Read more...

    Amy Roberts: Obits
    12/02/2014 03:43 PM MST - This week, my friend Carrie's dad passed away suddenly. I grew up with Carrie and knew her dad quite well. Read more...

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  • Man without use of arms facing gun charge released

    TRENTON, N.J. (AP) — A man who can't use his arms because of a spinal condition but faces a gun possession charge has been released from a New Jersey jail without having to pay bail. Full Story