Here is what did NOT happen in Park City on the Fourth of July: fireworks did NOT shoot into the crowd, there were no wildfires, the runaway dump truck did NOT plow through a line of cars and there were no violent crimes.

Summit County residents and visitors were lucky, while those in many other communities were not.

But though no major mishaps occurred, local medical, fire and law enforcement personnel were standing by, ready to intervene if needed.

Summit County's dispatch, for instance, was humming with activity. The center, based at the Summit County Justice Center, helps connect 9-1-1 callers and law-enforcement personnel with a variety of emergency responders including: Utah Highway Patrollers, Summit County Sheriff's deputies, police officers, firefighters, search and rescue crews and medical helicopter pilots. And there were plenty of calls. With a multitude of special events in Park City and Oakley, along with the normal increase in summer traffic in the National Forest and on state park reservoirs, lots of people needed varying levels of special attention.

Fortunately, most of their needs were quickly met. But let's remember, the holiday isn't over yet and the summer is still heating up.

The last two rainstorms have eased fire concerns, to a degree. But property owners and those recreating on public lands still need to exercise extreme caution. It will just take a couple of days of dry heat to return to the high-hazard conditions we were looking at going into the Fourth of July fireworks fiesta.


Property owners are still being urged to clear buffer zones free of deadfall and underbrush around their homes and those who live in wooded areas are encouraged to have detailed evacuation plans in place. Those precautionary steps will greatly help fire fighters in the event of a wildland fire.

As to non-fire-related emergencies, use 9-1-1 judiciously and be prepared to offer detailed information including a precise location. And don't hesitate to make the call. Local professionals are ready to jump into action and the sooner they arrive the better the odds of turning a potential disaster into a happy ending.

For up-to-date emergency announcements, register with the local alert system at: