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‘Leaf Dancer’ honors firefighters


North Summit Elementary School fourth-grade teacher Heidi Robertson paid tribute to the valiant firefighters who worked hard to help extinguish the Rockport fire by dressing the "Leaf Dancer" statue in Coalville in their honor.

"Dancing along a freshly cut fire line is Fire Dancer," wrote Robertson in a statement. "A brave-heart girl, donning flame-resistant yellow Nomex. Heaving hose and nozzle, she provides a continuous water supply of service and creativity."

Robertson is a 24-year resident of Wanship and sometimes a firefighter herself.

The tradition of dressing up the "Leaf Dancer" sculpture, created by Hooper-based artist Milt Neeley, started two years ago after it won Coalville’s People’s Choice Award for public art through the Park City Summit County Arts Council’s Artscape program.

Since then the metal work, laced with wire, has been made up by anonymous dressers as a cook, a nun and an Olympic swimmer.

This year, the Coalville City Council decided to openly invite residents to dress the "Leaf Dancer" as a community project.

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From June until this past week, residents, ages 14 and older, could fill out a written applications and pitch their ideas. Once the City Council selected an idea, the applicant would then be responsible to decorate the sculpture.

Since June, the dancer has been disguised as a circus ringmaster, a karate woman, a rock star, a belly dancer and a librarian. — Scott Iwasaki

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