Medicine Woman plans healing ceremony at Prospector |

Medicine Woman plans healing ceremony at Prospector

Juanita "One-Eye Hawk Woman" Ramos Corum wants to help Park City and its residents attain their dreams and heal their souls.

Ramos Corum, who many consider to be Park City’s Medicine Woman, will facilitate a Native American healing ceremony at the Prospector Inn and Conference Center on Wednesday, Aug. 20.

The event will begin with a celebration at 6 p.m. and commence with the ceremony at 7:45 p.m.

Ramos Corum, who has been mentored by elders of 18 Native nations and tribal leaders and has had her work recognized and blessed by practitioners and protectors of the traditional Native American healing arts, will be joined by a Navajo Medicine Man and an Ahni Cherokee Medicine Woman for the ceremony.

"We get to join together as various nations to offer and send up prayers for the community," Ramos Corum said during an interview with The Park Record. "We need to give people of Park City an opportunity to release their burdens or attract good things through Native American ceremony."

The three facilitators will create medicine bundles that will include a piece of paper, where members of the public will write the things they want to release or things they want to attract, according to Ramos Corum.

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"We will roll it up with one strand of their hair and some earth medicine that was harvested from the big landslide in Washington," she said. "They will blow on the roll and throw it into a fire."

A month and a half ago, Ramos Corum approached Avinas Nokhai, general manager of the Prospector Inn and Conference Center, to see if he would be willing to help with the ceremony.

"I was touched when I met with Avinas and suggested we do a healing ceremony and he offered to host it," Ramos Corum said. "I thought that would be phenomenal to have the event here."

"It was very easy to say yes, because I know how a ceremony like this would benefit the property," Nokhai said. "I’m originally from Surinam, South America, which is a very culturally diverse country, and because of that, it was easy for me to say yes to Juanita."

The two decided to use one of the Prospector boardrooms as a common gathering area and open up the pool patio for people to mingle.

"We’ll have a fire pit on the corner patio where we will host the ceremony," Nokhai said. "We are keeping the times open because we don’t want to be like a church where people come and have a ceremony and just go home. We want people to mingle, tell stories, learn from each other and enjoy a sacred and special event."

Ramos Corum felt inspired to hold a healing ceremony for Park City a few weeks ago.

"It will be a prayer about this new year," she said. "We will pray for abundance. We want lots of snow. We want to have a serious economic reinvigoration and regeneration, because that’s what the community here depends on."

The main reason Ramos Corum, who has a healing space on Main Street, felt the need to do the ceremony was because she loves Park City.

"It’s not only beautiful, but also very sacred," she said. "When I had my space on Main Street, I felt as if this was a community that has been blessed forever.

"In the past few years, my heart has felt the connection with the local business people and the school systems," Ramos Corum said. "I have become keenly aware of the economic impact that came with the lack of snows and other issues we’ve been faced with."

The reason why she and Nokhai selected Aug. 20 was a spiritual one.

"There was a prophesy in the Native American culture that a miracle white buffalo calf would be born," Ramos Corum said. "The calf would remind the world about where we as a population would need to be come back to. And she was born on Aug. 20."

The date also coincides with Ramos Corum’s birthday.

"So, the event will begin at 6 o’clock with a birthday celebration that will include hors d’oeuvres and food," she said. "My husband [Ellsworth] is a phenomenal chef. He will make these wonderful pulled-pork sliders."

The public is also invited to bring a dish to share as well.

In lieu of gifts, the public is invited to bring a donation of any amount for Peace House, a nonprofit organization dedicated to ending domestic violence in Summit and Wasatch Counties.

"This is a huge blessing to celebrate this sacred day," Ramos Corum said. "I’m in such humble gratitude that I get to do this.

"This place is a healing diamond and many people don’t realize it’s here," she said. "So, to me, that’s why this is supposed to happen. This is one of those gifts not from me or from Avinas. I truly believe this will be a great year for Park City. It will be good to bless the start of the new school year."

The Prospector Inn and Conference Center, 2175 Sidewinder Dr., will host a Native American prayer and healing ceremony on Wednesday, Aug. 20, beginning at 6 p.m. The event is free and open to the public. To RSVP or for more information, call 206-250-7238 or email

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