Stylist Hildebrandt will give Art Talk |

Stylist Hildebrandt will give Art Talk

Salon owner, artistic director and editorial designer Chaunsey Hildebrandt will give a Powerpoint presentation about her career in Kimball Art Center's free Art Talk on July 18. (Photo courtesy of Chaunsey Hildebrandt)

One of the goals of the Kimball Art Center’s free monthly Art Talks is to help the public find the connection between visual arts with life.

In the past, the program has produced presentations about art’s relationship with finance and science.

Sometimes the connections are more closely related.

When Chaunsey Hildebrandt, owner of the Chaunsey Hildebrandt Salon in Salt Lake City, gives this month’s Art Talk on Thursday, July 18, she will connect the dots between art, style and fashion.

Hildebrandt is not only a salon owner, but she also works as an editorial stylist, a job that essentially involves choosing the clothing and accessories models wear in a photo shoot.

"I have always been fascinated by fashion-model photos, and it wasn’t just the beautiful faces, but the compositions of the photos and the tones, the props and the positioning of the bodies," she said. "I work with iStock and Getty Images that provides stock photos to news and trade publications around the world, and will show some of my work in a Powerpoint presentation during the Art Talk."

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She will also discuss her role as a creative director for these photo shoots.

"My favorite part about these shoots is working with other creative minds, because we trust each other," Hildebrandt said. "We come in with a concept and the photographer looks at it. The makeup artist looks at it. The wardrobe stylist looks at it and the hairdresser looks at it as well.

"We see this same project differently, and then when we put in all of our sides to it, it comes alive," she said. "There is nothing more rewarding than sitting back and seeing what we, as a team, have done."

Hildebrandt said the presentation also ties in with her second career as an educator and presenter with Matrix, which is a L’Oreal cosmetics brand.

"I love to teach and love to share, because I feel the knowledge that we gain needs to be shared," she said. "If not, it goes to waste."

Although Hildebrandt didn’t become a visual artist in the traditional sense, she was always finding different creative outlets when she was a child.

"Before the plastic snow rubbed off of my Barbie dolls, they all had bobbed hair," Hildebrandt said laughing. "I was really strategic with my method. I made sure I cut their hair really short over the garbage can or toilet so there was no mess, so I wouldn’t get in trouble. And I also learned what would happen if I put a curling iron onto that synthetic hair."

Adding fuel to the fire was Hildebrandt’s grandmother, a product manager for Max Factor makeup.

"She would always bring home the latest in the pancake make-ups and liquid eyeliner," Hildebrandt said.

the time she was 12, Hildebrandt discovered she could draw.

"In school, I was involved with all of the art classes and they kept me smiling regardless of what was happening at home," she said.

After high school, Hildebrandt enrolled in beauty school.

"I got my license and then went to Washington, D.C., and began studying British haircutting, which is something that I’m very passionate about," she said.

Hildebrandt was introduced to the Kimball Art Center’s Art Talk program through her friend Julie Gross, who is working with Hildebrandt on a fashion show for the upcoming Park City Kimball Art Festival gala in August.

"I’m so excited about doing the Art Talk, and the one thing I want people to take from the presentation is composition," Hildebrandt said. "Composition is important to keep the photo interesting, and no matter if you’re a veteran photographer, a beginner or an iPhone-ographer, you all can build off of one another."

The Kimball Art Center, 638 Park Ave., will host a free Art Talk with art educator Chaunsey Hildebrandt on Thursday, July 18, at 6 p.m. For more information, visit

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