YouTheatre teaches more than acting |

YouTheatre teaches more than acting

Applying theatrical make up is one of the many skills participants in the Egyptian Theatre's YouTheatre program learn. Registration for summer sessions is available now. (Photo courtesy of the Egyptian Theatre)

The Egyptian Theatre’s YouTheatre program not only teaches children about theatre, but it also teaches them how to work as a team as an ensemble, said Jamie Wilcox, director of YouTheatre.

"That’s a life lesson that they will use every day and in schools and other activities outside of theatre," Wilcox said. "We know as adults that we need those types of skills when we get out into the real world, or in college when you work on group projects."

The other equally important thing that the kids develop in the program is confidence, she said.

"Not everyone takes singing and dancing classes," Wilcox said. "But when a child joins YouTheatre, they get to recognize talents in other levels. You’ll see someone new coming into the program, who may be a little shy, and them the rest of the group will take them under their wing and encourage them."

Sometimes the different levels can be in age.

"We give them a change to work together in different dynamics such as different age groups that you wouldn’t see in school," she said. "But no matter how scared they are when they start, we see what happens to them after they come off the stage and realize they just overcame a huge obstacle."

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YouTheatre offers three workshops a year — summer, fall and spring — and the summer session is gearing up to begin.

The sessions are as follows:


  • Theatre Bugs

    These are one-week camps for ages five to seven will be offered Mondays through Fridays, June 24-28; July 8-12 and August 5-9, from 9 a.m. until 1 p.m.

    "Kids will ‘play’ their way through daily rotations of drama, movement, music, and stage crafts- all culminating in an end-of-week performance on the Egyptian Theatre stage," Wilcox said.

    Tuition is $150 per session.


  • Drama Queens & Kings

    This is another weeklong camp for ages eight to 12 that will also be offered Mondays through Fridays, June 24-28; July 8-12 and August 5-9. But the hours are longer — 9 a.m. until 3 p.m.

    "Participants will work in improvisational classes and work on a melodrama for the end-of-week performance," Wilcox said.

    Tuition is $230 per session.


  • Pre-Teen Summer Camp

    The pre-teen summer camp is a two-week session designed for ages eight to 12.

    It will be offered Mondays through Fridays, June 10-21, and will meet from 9 a.m. until 3 p.m.

    "The days consist of group warm-ups, a choice of two elective classes — such as stage make-up, singing/dancing ensemble, puppetry, voice and stage combat — and a choice of drama or musical theatre production group," Wilcox said.

    Tuition is $460.


  • Teen Summer Camp

    This is a four-week camp for ages 12 to 18 that will run Mondays through Fridays, July 15 to Aug. 19, from 9 a.m. until 3 p.m.

    "The teen summer camp is an intensive theatre experience where teens choose which areas of the dramatic arts they most want to develop," Wilcox said. "The days for first three weeks will consist of group warm-ups, a choice of two elective classes and rehearsal for the YouTheatre Summer Show."

    This year’s performance will be a modernized version of ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ that is set in the 80’s with a pop soundtrack," Wilcox said. "The camp’s final week will be dedicated solely to rehearsal for the show, with public performances on the Egyptian Theatre stage August 9 and 10."

    Tuition is $675.

    The class sizes for all camps are limited and space is available on a first-come first-paid basis, and full payment is required to secure a space, Wilcox said.

    However, scholarship opportunities and sibling discounts are also available.

    "One thing is we have so many great donors in the community, so we are able to set up a scholarship program," Wilcox said. "I dream of a world where kids get to do theatre for free, but that’s not a reality right now, so we have these scholarships that will help kids get into the program who can’t afford it.

    "So, money shouldn’t be a deterrence for any child who wants to join the YouTheatre program," she said. "All people have to do is call me or email me."

    For more information about the Egyptian Theatre’s YouTheatre program, call Jamie Wilcox at (435) 649-9371 ext.27 or email: .


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