I am writing to support Tania Knauer for Park City Board of Education. I have known Tania for years. She is inclusive and friendly. She doesn't care about who you are or where you come from. If you have a passion for education and are willing to participate, she will get you involved in something. Trust me, she talked me into running for Ecker Hill's Community Council and now she has again talked me into running for Treasure's Community Council. She supported me through my term by helping me understand how these councils run and how important they are to our schools.

Tania has served on various community councils in the district for seven years and is familiar with the state rules on councils and the Utah Land Trust. This is knowledge that will be necessary on the Park City School Board as oversight of community councils is now the responsibility of the district instead of the state.

I also support Tania because not only is she fiscally responsible, but she is already familiar with most of the programs in the district. We have big changes coming in selecting a new district leader. We need to make sure we have a board member who is ready to start working in January 2013.

If you live in Park Meadows, Sun Peaks, Silver Springs, Park West or South Ranch Road area, please join me in voting for Tania Knauer on November 6, 2012.

Alina Coleman

Sun Peaks

More transparency on zoning changes, please


This is an open letter to City Hall.


Currently the Park City Planning Commission is deciding changes to the code that regulates zoning in our town. These amendments that are being discussed could affect the town and future developments in a big way (the entire area of Lower Main, and other areas in town as well).

I am asking that the city please make this process more easily accessible to the public. Right now it takes a detective to find the information. Please post the proposed changes to the Land Management Code on the website (in an easy spot to find) and please make the notice in the paper for the meeting schedule more noticeable with more detail on the exact change or topic. Please give us a way to post comment on these changes online.

Please let us have the information so that the public can be informed, comment accurately, and use the public process if they so choose. If we have the information then it is up to us the public but please give us a more transparent way to understand the proposed changes. When the laws are being made and discussed that is the time for input please give us the chance.

Megan Ryan

Park City

County Council needs a skilled negotiator


As a concerned citizen of Summit County and resident of Park City, I want to voice my strong support for Roger Armstrong, candidate for Summit County Council.

Besides the obvious issues of population growth and the inevitable and resulting strain on open space, transportation and even our water supply, there's a specific attribute needed in our elected officials moving forward that extends beyond planning, fiscal understanding, and even general knowledge, and that attribute is negotiation.

Roger's vast experience in the legal field as a skilled and proven negotiator will be an invaluable asset as we are faced with landowners who desire to exercise development rights that were vested many years ago, when the Park City "then" hardly resembled Park City now. Think about Treasure Mountain, Quinn's Junction, Stone Ridge, Boyer Research Park, to name a few.

Roger believes that there's always an opportunity to negotiate a solution that lessens the negative impact on our community while still respecting the developer and the intrinsic value of his rights. I, for one, believe that Roger's many years of experience negotiating complex agreements is the kind of experience we need on the Summit County Council and I appreciate an attorney who believes that expensive litigation should only be used as a last resort. That's just one of the important reasons I'm supporting Roger and hope my fellow concerned citizens will do the same this election.

Peter H. Smaha

Park City

A powerful voice for the Wasatch Back


If voters in the new House District 54 want a representative who has already proven his ability to influence colleagues on Capitol Hill in Summit and Wasatch counties' best interests, they would be wise to reelect Representative Kraig Powell. Representative Powell has earned the respect of his colleagues and his constituents for his reasoned approach to decision-making, his high ethical standards, and in his regard for local governance.

Representative Powell is not beholden to special interests or corporations that do business with the state or county. He is the only Utah House of Representatives candidate who rejects contributions from lobbyists. He has the freedom to consider what is best for his constituents and bases his decisions on evidence, not political pressure or self-interest. He upholds local decision-making and has worked to keep our local resources allotted to our local needs.

Kraig Powell will continue to be a champion for public-education students and public-education taxpayers. He has perspective from his educational background on both the West and East coasts, and as a father of Utah public-education students. He is a veteran member of the Utah House Education Committee and he has strong working relationships with both the Wasatch School District and the Park City School District.

Wasatch Back citizens need another powerful voice representing us at the Capitol. Kraig Powell is the voice we need if we want to be heard.

Lisa Kirchenheiter

Park City

A vote for Powell is a vote for our schools


In the 2010 session, the Utah Legislature redrew the lines on Legislative District 54 to bring Wasatch County together with Park City.

Undoubtedly, the fact that incumbent Kraig Powell (R-Wasatch) ranked politically to the left of several Democrats and also is known for being a strong advocate of public education caused that change in boundaries to make this a more "competitive" district while others became less so. I would like to add my thoughts to the important race, because when a representative stands up for local issues we should stand up for him.

Rep. Powell sits on the Education Committee and has been a proponent of stopping bills that send Park City property taxes to other school districts who don't want to raise their own local taxes. Park City School District needs to keep our property tax dollars in Park City to hire and retain the best teachers, and Rep. Powell's efforts have been really beneficial to our residents. His membership in the majority party gives him the ability effectively work with the legislature on issues that affect our county like better schools for our children without higher taxes.

I have had the pleasure to know Kraig, and he is a reasonable and pragmatic member of the legislature who has refused to take any money from special-interest groups to fund his campaign. Kraig holds a Ph.D. and a law degree from the University of Virginia, and serves as chairman of the House Government Operations Committee.

I encourage everyone to vote for Kraig Powell because it is a vote for Park City schools.

Henry Glasheen

Park City

A fierce negotiator and a consensus builder


I am supporting Chris Robinson for State House District 54. I have worked with Chris very closely on the County Council for four years now and can't imagine a better representative for our District.

Chris is a fierce negotiator and a consensus builder at the same time. He played an invaluable role in resolving numerous intractable issues for our county. He is extremely bright, articulate, and a deep thinker. He listens to all sides and figures out a way to implement creative win-win solutions.

Chris is always thorough and well prepared. His experiences in business, nonprofits, and government uniquely qualify Chris to represent us well. I am always amazed at the depth of his knowledge and insight into difficult situations. He approaches people with a respective, compassionate and problem-solving approach.

Chris is a mentor and leader, and will be an outstanding representative to the state for us in District 54!

John Hanrahan, MD

Park City

What better reason to celebrate Oktoberfest?


Who knew you could devour a bratwurst and sauerkraut, feast on German potato salad, drink a hearty beer and feel so good about it?

Oktoberfest at Shepherd of the Mountains Lutheran Church was a terrific evening and accomplished so much. Silent-auction proceeds were generously donated to the People's Health Clinic to fund lab work for the prevention and treatment of diabetes. This amazing congregation has really helped out at a time when the clinic has lost funding for these important tests. We are grateful for our relationships with our community.

With true gratitude,

Brooks Harbertson

Development director, The People's Health Clinic

Send Chris Robinson to the Utah Legislature


We are fortunate in District 54 to have two highly qualified candidates running for the Utah House of Representatives. My choice is to vote for Chris Robinson for these reasons:

Chris has a deep understanding of our unique community.

Chris has the ability to resolve complex issues involving parties with widely differing positions.

Two recent examples of the latter are the conflict among the Snyderville Basin water providers and the dispute over the proposed Gilmor Stone Ridge development adjacent to Round Valley. In both cases, Chris acted diplomatically and skillfully to bring about a resolution that not only resulted in a fair outcome, but also the dismissal of expensive lawsuits, thereby saving Summit County costly legal fees.

Please join me in voting for Chris Robinson so he can apply his skills on our behalf in the State Legislature.

Jan Wilking

Park City

McMullin gives our collective spirit a voice


I am submitting this letter in support of Claudia McMullin's reelection to the Summit County Council.

Community membership involves a number of responsibilities. In my opinion, the most important of these responsibilities is "listening." Listening is more than simply hearing. Hearing is a reaction that can be turned off or drowned out. Listening is pro-active choice, an act of connecting to others, to ideas, to the collective good. It's the fountainhead of understanding, reason, and ultimately, caring. There's no "common" in "community" without it. Claudia gets this.

The Council's work involves long thankless hours away from family. It consists of complex issues with few simple solutions. Sometimes criticism is the only element in abundance. Frankly, I'm not sure why someone would want to do this. Perhaps it has something to do with the concept of caring. Claudia cares.

I've known Claudia for a long time. I've seen what caring looks like to her "involvement." I've seen her engaged at countless meetings, neighborhood forums, fundraisers, and community celebrations. I've never been to one of these functions where someone wasn't bending Claudia's ear and she wasn't there listening listening for the concern, the idea, the flash of creativity. She understands that the best decisions are made on a foundation of our collective community genius. Claudia's leadership gives our collective spirit a voice.

I seek to elect someone who will not just hear "me." I want someone who will continue listen and engage all of "us." Look around this community and reflect on how blessed and fortunate we are. We do this together. Have a voice in this endeavor. Please join me in voting to reelect Claudia McMullin to the Summit County Council on November 6th.

Patrick Putt

Summit County citizen

Claudia McMullin has walked the walk


It is my pleasure to support Claudia McMullin in her bid to be reelected as a Summit County Council member.

Claudia has the expertise, knowledge and professional background that will serve us well as the county continues to deal with complex planning, water and legal issues. Her many years of working on our behalf as a Snyderville Basin Planning Commissioner and current member of the County Council is very significant. She has demonstrated a true understanding of the public process and has dealt with our community concerns in a straight forward and honest way. She realizes that complex issues very seldom have simple solutions and vague platitudes don't resolve problems. She has been willing to make the hard calls, realizing you can't please all of the people all of the time, and has done so with a sense of humor and good spirit.

Claudia has also demonstrated her commitment to our community over the years. She has been involved in numerous organizations including, but not limited to, the Park City Rotary Club, Friends of Animals and, along with her husband, Tim, created the "No Vote, No Voice" campaign several years ago. Claudia has worked to improve our quality of life. She hasn't just talked the talk, she has walked the walk.

I am proud and honored to support Claudia and I hope you will join me in voting for her reelection.

Bob Richer

Former Summit County Commissioner

Watching Parkites watching the debate


Here is a look at the debate through the eyes of a part-time Park City resident since 1968:

I was excited to be in Park City for the debate. I was hoping to catch a different perspective than I would in Scottsdale, Arizona. Rather than sit in one place to watch the debates, I moved around Main Street to get a feel.

I started at the No Name Saloon. I asked the first guy at the bar why they weren't watching the debates. He immediately asked if I didn't know that the NFL referee strike had been settled, so the debates had been cancelled.

I then went to the St Regis to step up the demographics. The debate was on the flat screen in the bar and a party of six was sitting at a high top to watch it. It was an older party and five of the six had lost consciousness within the first five minutes. I asked the sole survivor why he had not fallen asleep. In quick retort he announced he had been in the bathroom.

I stopped for a quick bite at El Chubasco. Many of their employees are Hispanic, so I asked one who he was voting for now that he had a Utah ID card. He said he is voting for Obama because he knows what it is like to always be asked about your birth certificate.

I ended my evening at the Spur and asked a totally stoned local at the bar which candidate he thought was more equipped to tackle the fiscal cliff. With a surprised look he said, "Wow that is totally crazy dude. I didn't know either one of them could ski."

Kent Greenwald

Park City