As a Park City taxpayer with two grandchildren in the Park City School District I am dismayed to find out how completely financially mismanaged the district is and has been for the past three years. I am also married to a retired teacher and it disturbs me that teachers have been laid off and class sizes have increased when the budget needed to be tightened.

Cuts in expenses should have been addressed years ago at the beginning of the recession. Also, when cuts are made in the budget, they should be done as far from the students as possible. Increasing class size should be the last option. Making top-down decisions behind closed doors without making the information available to the public is easy, but it's not right!

I have known Tania Knauer for many years and I know she is a strong believer in decisions being made with input from all the players the teachers, the administrators, the parents and taxpayers. Tania has also spent countless hours working with the district and has either instituted or been a part of many excellent programs in the Park City School District.

Please join me in voting for Tania Knauer for Park City Board of Education.

Jose Antonio Aguilar, M.D.

Park Meadows

Where is the outrage over principal's firing?


We have been quiet far too long.


After hearing on the radio and reading in the newspaper that Park City High School students received prestigious awards this past week for the accomplishments that happened last year, we got really angry that the person who should have been interviewed for those accomplishments and who should still be the administrator in charge at that school is nowhere to be found in the entire district. Why is that? Because she was inappropriately fired. Not reprimanded for some wrongdoing, not transferred to another position because she had a misstep, and still an extremely valuable administrator to the district, but fired without given any warning or due cause. We have been angry since the day we heard about the firing and the manner in which it happened. We have been wondering where is the public outrage over this inexcusable handling of such an important matter?

Why have we been quiet? No worthwhile reason. It shouldn't matter that we no longer have students in the school district. We will again someday and we pay significant property taxes that support the school district. We have known and respected Mrs. Hays since she was an assistant principal under Hal Smith and we owe her an apology for not speaking out sooner. We suppose the answer is we were sitting on the sideline assuming outrage and action would come from the parents who do still have children at Park City High School and are expecting the best education in the state for their children. We assumed wrong. We can no longer be quiet. Mrs. Hays was fired unjustly and without proper procedure (in so many ways).

This community got more upset over the replacement NFL referees than it did the treatment of not only one of its finest school administrators, but one of its finest community members. After seeing the letter in the Oct 3-5 edition of The Park Record, we decided to join Mark MacKay in calling for The Park Record and KPCW to do some investigating and reporting on this story. The way Mrs. Hays was treated is unacceptable and beneath the dignity of this community. She should be reinstated immediately. And, what really happened to Ray Timothy, former superintendent? Did he really quit because another position suddenly became available?

Please, let's hear from some of you fine citizens of this community on this issue. It is important and one we should not look the other way on. If we do, who knows what other activities will slip by unnoticed? We should rally behind Mrs. Hays and support her as she quietly goes about trying to get her job reinstated.

Debbie Davis and family

Park City

A shallow coward armed with red spray paint


A few nights ago, several lawn signs in the Jeremy neighborhood were vandalized by someone who obviously disagreed with their messages. The unknown perpetrator, emboldened by the anonymity of darkness as a substitute for any actual courage or conviction, sought to undermine the opinions on display by homeowners. Armed with a can of red spray paint, this person defaced the signs with his own views.

At my home, written across an Obama 2012 sign, was the red slur "NAZI."

I am not sure whether the target of the intended affront was the president of our United States, or me personally, or if perhaps the person was experiencing a moment of self reflection and insight regarding his shallow cowardice. Whatever the intent, I plan on leaving the sign in place, and perhaps placing more, as a sign of my contempt for whoever decided this was a proper way to express himself.

I am not intimidated by this juvenile stunt. And I invite the vandal to come meet me face to face at any time to discuss his problem with my free exercise of the American franchise.

Paul F. Dorius

Park City

Look at big picture, crybaby merchants


As the Silly Market prepares to negotiate with City Hall for approval to continue to hold the event on Main Street, it has apparently come under attack by Main Street business owners, who are represented by the Historic Park City Alliance.

Logic would dictate that Main Street business owners would relish the fact that an outside entity could draw thousands of potential customers to Park City. Instead, these selfish business owners choose to espouse the position that somehow the Silly Market negatively impacts their businesses on a day which by all accounts would typically be a slow business day. In fact, one owner has been quoted as saying he would "not be sorry" if the Silly Market relocated to another spot. Apparently he is OK with the concept of the Silly Market, as long as it is not in his backyard. Perhaps someone should remind him and all of the other crybaby Main Street business owners that we live in a society which promotes free-market enterprise and entrepreneurism.

For purposes of full disclosure, my daughter happens to be an employee of the Silly Market. However, unlike Main Street business owners, I do not have a selfish agenda. That is not the reason why I believe the Park City community should continue to support the Silly Market. The reason is because it is immensely popular and attracts thousands of visitors to Park City on a typically slow Sunday.

I believe the decision-makers at City Hall will consider the benefits the Silly Market brings to the Park City community as a whole, as opposed to succumbing to the wishes of selfish individual Main Street business owners.

Let's throw our support behind the Silly Market and not pander to the Historic Park City Alliance.

Leonard Scaglione

Park City

Tania Knauer can ask the tough questions


As a PCHS School Community Council member, former TMJH SCC member, PTSO board member, PCHS team manager and general school volunteer for 23 years (15 in Park City), I am thrilled to have a Park City school-board candidate with the experience and qualifications of Tania Knauer.

This is a critical time for our school district. The issues are complex. We are incredibly fortunate to have a candidate who has been a longtime education advocate. We need the candidate who knows what is going on in our district and education in general. We need the candidate who has been attending school board meetings for years; who has been on school community councils for seven years; who has been involved in numerous committees, including teacher assessment, G&T committee, district realignment and PCEF committees; who is involved with PTOs, organized many district and community events, and has long been a longtime advocate for STEM. We need the candidate who understands all of the district programs like SIOP, One-to-One and Common Core.

Not only is Tania ready to hit the ground running with her experience and knowledge in education, she has a BS in finance and an MBA. She's been involved in numerous discussions of the budget over the years, understands the issues and can ask the tough questions. She will demand more transparency, stakeholder input and better communication with the community.

We need the representative who knows the history of the district and has a vision and specific ideas on what will make our district better.

Please take your civic duties seriously and learn about the candidates. Learn about both candidates thoroughly before voting. It's important to know all the facts before stepping in to the voting booth. You can find Tania on Facebook at: Tania Knauer for Park City Board of Ed.

Jodi Derber

Park City

Roger Armstrong is as solid as they come


I have had the chance to work with Roger Armstrong as a board member of the Utah Film Center, an organization that I formed several years ago to provide free movie screenings to Utah residents. I have also had the opportunity to get to know Roger on a social level. He is an outstanding human being, who deeply and truly cares about important social and community issues.

When I first heard that he was running for public office, I was thrilled. He is as solid as they come, genuinely concerned that Summit County is going to be confronted with important issues related to growth and development, and he believes he can effectively use his skills to manage those issues.

Roger is a great mediator, consensus builder, and highly principled. I have watched the way that he participates in board meetings and he is remarkably effective. First, he listens and analyzes. He is able to take in a variety of different viewpoints and then, when he feels that he truly understands the nature of a problem or challenge, he proposes solutions.

Second, he is very strategic and is remarkably creative at problem solving. I have no doubt that he will make an outstanding and highly effective councilman and I strongly endorse him for Summit County Council Seat A.

Please do not ignore this election. There are several great candidates running and Roger Armstrong is most definitely one of the best. Please elect him.

Geralyn White Dreyfous

Utah Film Center

Kraig Powell truly represents the people


I read a recent article in the Salt Lake Tribune (Thursday, October 4: "Lawmaker takes up climate concerns in wildfire bill") regarding a group of young people who are concerned about our warming climate and the impact it will have on their future. The best part of the article was that Rep. Kraig Powell was helping to guide these young people through the bill-making process. Also, he recently agreed to carry a bill for them that studies the effects of less snow and earlier snowmelt on wildfires and plans for the increased costs of longer and more intense wildfire seasons.

I have great respect for a legislator like Rep. Powell. He doesn't take a penny from any special-interest group so that he truly represents us the people. And, just as important, he has an open mind. That is a winning combination. If an incumbent legislator is willing to ponder and discuss the long-term effects of climate chaos in this conservative state, he deserves another term.

I haven't voted for a Republican since I turned 18 (three decades ago). But this November, Rep. Kraig Powell has my vote. I value a candidate who has both principles and courage.

Susan Soleil


Fiscal responsibility needed at county


For many years my husband, Glen Thompson, was employed by the people of Summit County as treasurer. Together with the auditor, Blake Frazier, they had sound fiscal practices.

Planning and budgeting are key to protecting your hard-earned tax dollars. But when commissioners, now council members, choose at the end of the year to fund an unbudgeted item for millions of dollars, it becomes less than responsible. We as citizens need to be more involved and realize that this has happened. We all realize that there are issues that arise and budgets have to be adjusted from time to time. But this needs to be done in a fiscally responsible manner.

I was thrilled to hear that Sue Pollard is running for County Council Seat B. We had some time to visit together, and she shared her goals for her service on the upcoming council. She impressed me that she wants to have the council create a vision and a plan for the county that allows them to deliver exceptional service to the people that live here. She also wants to create a 5-year budget plan to avoid all of the confusion that comes from spending too much and then trying to cut expenses at the end of the year. That hurts the morale of county employees and makes it difficult for the county to operate efficiently.

It is wonderful that a person with such drive and dedication stepped up to run for Seat B. She will work hard to understand the issues that confront our complex county. Please take the time to meet Sue and hear about her plans. I think that she will be a breath of fresh air for our county government. She is ready to listen to you and your thoughts and ideas.

A concerned citizen,

Ellen Thompson


He's helped to start climate-change dialog


This summer I became a member of iMatter Utah, a youth and citizens' group that aims to target climate change through legislation. Due to this year's severe wildfire season, we have proposed legislation to connect the dots between wildfires and climate change, a relationship that local wildfire experts are confident in. Park City's House Representative Kraig Powell, a Republican, has agreed to sponsor our bill. Together with Rep. Powell, we hope to change the conversation around climate change and give a Republican in our legislature a way to talk about it that won't cause the other members of his/her party to automatically stop listening.

Rep. Powell has been great to work with and is especially enthusiastic when communicating with the youth of iMatter. As a senior at Westminster College, it has been a fantastic opportunity to work with a state representative on such an important issue as climate change. I believe that we will only begin to tackle climate change when we can have a conversation about it as Utahns, rather than as Republicans or Democrats, and Rep. Powell has helped to start that conversation.

Lauren Johnson

Park City

Personal sacrifice for the good of the whole


CLAUDIA! The slogan really captures the spirit of Claudia McMullin: outgoing, gregarious, vocal and energetic. Claudia also has a very soft side, which her close friends and all stray animals experience. She is strong, but empathetic. She is outspoken but she also listens. Claudia is a quick study, eager to get down to the issue and resolve it, pronto, if possible.

That Claudia is dedicated to doing what is best for the community was apparent during her tenure as a Snyderville Basin Plannning Commissioner and her most recent term as a Summit County Councilor. Not all her votes have been popular, but she understands that sometimes the right course is not the popular course.

I have been the beneficiary of Claudia's professional support and consultation as well as her friendship. I have personally witnessed how much she really cares about Summit County and her continued effort to make informed decisions that will be beneficial to all Summit County residents.

Claudia let go one job that she adored in order to devote her attention to her obligations as a County Council member and to focus on her campaign for reelection. That decision also captures the spirit of Claudia personal sacrifice for the good of the whole. Vote for CLAUDIA! for re-election to Summit County Council Seat B! I know I will.

Kathy Kinsman

Park City

Robinson would best represent our interests


I wrote my first and only letter of support of any candidate, ever, to support Chris Robinson when he filed for a Summit County Council seat several years ago. I had the trust in Chris to be the brightest and best candidate in a position that needed to understand the diverse nature of Summit County. For those who pay attention to Summit County government, you now know that Chris Robinson has set the mark. If you don't know, I am happy to share how I know that it's true.

Today, I am writing to ask voters to celebrate and support the candidacy of Chris Robinson for House of Representatives District 54. Chris has an unmatched intellect and energetic capacity to work with local leaders of the Wasatch Back to best represent our collective interests in growth management, economic development, land preservation and excellence in education. These are the ongoing issues that challenge both our rural and suburban communities.

I know that Chris understands them and shares our core values. If you agree, please join me in electing Chris Robinson as our new District 54 representative.

Bonnie Park

Park City