Christian Center fills a great need


What establishment in Park City provides a snappy thrift shop, a beautiful furniture outlet in Heber and a well-stocked pantry with most of the operation being done by volunteers?

It is the Park City Christian Center!

Cheerfulness by the staff and volunteers permeates throughout this organization. Useful and attractive products are organized for everyone to view and buy at attractive prices.

I am delighted to check things out at this organization. Besides being a fun store, it provides and fulfills a great need in our community.

They should be commended for their efforts.

Lucy Dettmer

Park City

Boulder may have answer for pets

The following is a possible solution to the ongoing controversy concerning dogs leashed or off leash. I visited Boulder, Colo. a few years ago with my dogs and learned about their unique way of dealing with the leash law problem. In Boulder, dogs are required to be leashed in the city limits but can be off-leash on the surrounding trails if they and their owners can obey a strict behavior code. Owners whose dogs can obey the code purchase a 'Voice and Sight Tag' for $15 which gives the dog permission to be off leash. A video showing what it means to have your dog under voice and sight control can be seen on the web site Search for 'leash laws' from the home page.

The dogs must obey the owners at all times and never be out of sight.


When approaching another person the owner must keep his dog by his side unless both owners agree that the dogs can meet. The dogs must never chase wildlife. Owners whose dogs fail to comply are charged a $1,000 fine or 3 months in jail.

This program has been working in Boulder for many years. I think it has the advantage of giving people an incentive to better train their dogs. Dogs who are well trained and well socialized are safer for the public than dogs who have never been off leash, never properly socialized and then escape. I think this could work well in Park City.

Lorraine Johnson

Park City

Plastic bags lead to dirty air


I have no sympathy whatsoever for business owners or patrons who complain about an ordinance that would prohibit the distribution of plastic bags in Park City or anywhere else in the world. They should have been conscientious and weaned themselves of plastic bags long before a rule is imposed forcing them to quit cold turkey.

Businesses that are living so close to the edge that their success or failure depends on the few cents difference between paper and plastic bags, are probably doomed anyway. Even if people managed bag recycling better than they manage their dog's poop, which also litters Park City, I still would be opposed to plastic bags. Plastic bags are a petroleum product and their use further perpetuates our dependence on fossil fuels. Concern for the environment should be trump in this matter, as in all others.

What really irks me that the city has taken decades to address this long-festering problem. It's akin to another problem, that is long overdue to be addressed, and that's emission standards for trucks and cars in Summit County. Just because we're not yet at the stage that we have to wear gas masks and be hospitalized with respiratory conditions, as has been the case in Salt Lake City, is no excuse not to be proactive. This problem too will eventually be upon us, and people, pets and wildlife will suffer.

John Matro

Park City