I am very disturbed by Talisker's seeming disregard for the economic health of the Park City community displayed in its move to evict Powdr Corp from Park City Mountain Resort. Each of the major resorts is in the process of selling season tickets, marketing campaigns are being triggered in ski and travel publications and the resorts are generally focusing their marketing efforts on attracting tourists to Summit County. Worse, Talisker took this action only a week before the major resorts (including Talisker, Deer Valley and PCMR) are set to travel to meet with tour operators and others in the travel industry to generate interest in tourism to the Park City resorts.

Tourism is the life blood of the greater Park City area and Talisker's move may have substantial impacts. The move to evict creates uncertainty about PCMR's status this winter and could have a substantial chilling effect on tourism.

Talisker needs to have a greater regard for the economic health of the citizens and businesses in Summit County and recognize that its actions and activities can either help or harm our economy. Talisker (particularly under its new leadership) and Vail (to the extent that Vail may have been involved in this action) are relatively new players in this community and this is not a move that displays respect for their fellow citizens.

I am not expressing an opinion on the merits of the underlying lawsuit, but I strongly suggest that Talisker should have been a more thoughtful member of the greater Park City community instead of acting like an outsider with little concern for the consequences of its actions.


If this is an important strategy, Talisker could have issued the eviction notice at the end of the last ski season, allowing the consequences to be played out during the off-season. This may be excellent timing for Talisker as a strategic move in this particular lawsuit, but it is lousy timing for the community.

Residents of Summit County will draw their own conclusions about this turn of events and have the ability to express their opinions economically as they decide whether or not to patronize Talisker's businesses and make decisions about where to ski this winter.

This is my opinion and does not necessarily reflect the opinions of my colleagues on the Summit County Council.