Having attended numerous City Council meetings and from personal interactions, we are confident in endorsing Cindy Matsumoto for another term representing Park City. We have watched Cindy approach the various opinions and differing priorities that come before City Council with a fair and objective manner, respecting the views of all sides. She's smart. She 'gets' what our town values. She clearly works cooperatively and collaboratively toward solutions in the best interest of the community.

Cindy has been an effective advocate for open space and preservation of our Historic District. These issues are very important to Park City and contribute to our small town feel and sense of community that brought and keep us all here.

Many of the development, community, and economic issues we face are ongoing. Cindy has put in the work and demonstrated an ability to be effective and meet the shared goals of Park City with keen logical decision making. Cindy's experience, knowledge, and closeness to the community make her the right person to ensure that growth and development in the next four years will fit into our mountain town, preserving the town we love. Cindy will continue to work hard to keep Park City the Park City we live, work, and play in. Re-elect Cindy Matsumoto for City Council November 5th!

Hope & Sanford Melville

Park City

Breaking down and stepping up

If you watch the news lately you will see a lot of people in Washington, D.C.


, not working together, as if that concept is a thing of the past; my impression of working together changed last Saturday afternoon.

I was driving west on I-80 just before the Jeremy Ranch exit when I notice a large family, mom, dad, grandma and grandpa, many kids and a baby stranded in the median of the freeway trying to fix a flat tire on their vehicle. Somewhat reluctantly I turned around and offered to help them; they needed a jack and some special tool, I had the jack but not the tool so I drove to Mike Hale Chevrolet and the incredibly friendly sales staff told me I was in luck as one of their service techs was working that Saturday, he had the tool and was just finishing up and ready to go home for the day when without being asked to help further he suggested that he would drive out and help the stranded family. Once we reached the family we discovered we needed yet another tool, that service tech did not think he had it back at the service center but he went to check anyway. (he found it) During that time I went to Burt Brothers to check for that tool and they too were incredibly helpful offering two of their service tech for assistance to help this family; in the middle of all this effort the Utah Highway Patrol stopped and offered his help and he could not believe the acts of kindness and the extra effort being offered by the service techs of Mike Hale Chevrolet and Burt Brothers as they helped get this family back on the road.

Simply put, Washington could learn a great deal from the caring problem solving service techs here in Summit County as they really stepped up when a family in need broke down!

Rick Halliday

Park City, Utah

Support For Jack, Mary & Tim

What a pleasure it was to be part of the overflowing crowd at the candidate forum held at the Park Meadows clubhouse. I feel fortunate to live in a community where all of candidates are so committed to maintaining the fundamental character of our amenity rich "small town"... a town that is also host to tens of thousands of seasonal visitors during the peak seasons. It's a difficult juggling act, so I thought it was appropriate that the last question of the night asked each candidate what "Keeping Park City, Park City" meant to them. That phrase, by the way, is the subtitle of the all-important General Plan Update that is underway.

Only candidates Jack Thomas and Mary Wintzer spoke directly to the task of keeping Park City looking like Park City, and not allowing it to morph into an intense, congested urban mid- to high-rise mass of buildings (think Treasure Mountain and the proposed redevelopment of the Bonanza Park area). Yes, change is inevitable and some degree of property rights are real, but the intensity and quality of new development and re-development must be managed with great skill and a long-term perspective. I think Jack and Mary's professional careers and long-standing connections to Park City give each of them a unique growth management advantage over the other candidates and I hope you will join me in voting for them. I also want to express my support for Tim Henney. His rational, community minded thinking and contributions to open space procurement and trails development are impressive.

Clay Stuard

Park City

Thomas showed chops on Planning Commission


Jack Thomas is my pick for our next Mayor. I worked with Jack directly during the 6 years that I served on the Park City Planning Commission. During that time I was able to watch Jack in action as we grappled with difficult and sometimes controversial planning issues. Jack was always a respectful and thoughtful listener when it came to different points of view and helped to guide a productive discussion leading to our decisions. Jack's approach to difficult issues is based on identifying practical solutions that are consistent with the vision for the community and the guidelines and regulations designed to implement that vision. Jack has also been actively involved in, and spent numerous hours, working with City leaders and staff on tackling elements of our General Plan, which is at the core of how our City will grow and develop into the future based on our community's vision.

I view Jack as an ideal candidate for our next Mayor because he has a depth of experience working with City and community leaders and staff on difficult issues impacting the City; his architectural background and skills give him essential tools for guiding our community visioning and planning process during a critical time; he has been a long-time resident of Park City and has raised a family here; he is a local business owner and understands the challenges that business owners face; and most importantly, he understands the importance of preserving and protecting the many aspects of "life in Park City" that we have all grown to love and enjoy. What I find truly remarkable about Jack is that his many hours of dedication and commitment to Park City over the years have truly been driven by his love for this town and a vision for what we can be. Vote for Jack!

Julia Pettit

Park City

Thank you, Park Meadows

Dear Editor,

On Tuesday, Oct. 8, Park Meadows Country Club hosted the first candidate town hall of this election season. Over 150 people packed into the beautiful dining room for a last glimpse of the sunset and fall colors as the candidates answered questions from moderators Stacy Dymalski and Mike Worel.

We'd like to thank the Park Meadows Country Club for opening their doors to the community. We'd also like to thank Eric, Mac and the rest of the staff for making sure the evening went smoothly.

Special thanks also to local comedian Stacy Dymalski and trial attorney Mike Worel for keeping the event moving at a vigorous and interesting pace. And last, we'd like to thank so many Parkites for taking the time to come out and learn about the mayoral and city council race candidates. It was great to see so many interested voters and so many thoughtful questions submitted by the audience.

Now, get out and vote early voting begins on Oct. 22 and Election Day is November 5th.

Carolyn Frankenburg and Tania Knauer

Park City

Parkites should weigh in on overpass


In follow-up to the "Jeremy Ranch residents asking for pedestrian underpass" article from Oct 1, I want to voice my support for the efforts of Jeremy Ranch and Pinebrook residents who need greater and safer connectivity around the I-80 exit for these neighborhoods. I've experienced how scary it can be to walk and bike from one side of I-80 to the other. Even at low traffic times; it feels downright suicidal at rush hour, when so many drivers are totally focused on getting through the four-way stop signs and on or off I-80 unscathed.

I understand there is intent by the county to install four roundabouts to deal with the auto traffic. There will be some sidewalks and crosswalks included with this. This is excellent news and I am grateful that the need is formally recognized! However, this is only in Phase 1, meaning it is just a concept and there is no final design approved or funded. This is the perfect time for the public to start getting involved and offer input for a design that works for cars, walkers and bikers all.

I strongly recommend Parkites show their interest and support for this effort by joining the Facebook Community Group "Park City Pedestrian Passage" and informing your friends and community leaders. You don't have to live in Jeremy Ranch or Pinebrook to be concerned about this; this is a matter of safety and convenience for our schoolchildren as well as anyone else who walks, runs or bikes (or wishes they could without concern) to the schools and between the trail systems in Jeremy Ranch and Pinebrook. I would also suggest a wildlife passage be considered in the plan, since there is a wildlife migration path running straight between East Canyon Creek and the hills above Pinebrook and I-80 totally severs that path.

Steve Spaulding

Park City

Uncle Alex knows all the angles

Dear Editor,

I am 36 years old, a small business owner and have lived in Park City for 14 years. I have known Alex my entire life. He is my mother's favorite brother. I have been following his time as Park City Council member and I continue to be impressed by his genuine passion for Park City. He "sold" Park City to me and he is the reason I came here to live. Park City issues are always one of the topics discussed at family gatherings. I can guarantee that he considers all sides of each issue before making a decision because it's obvious when talking to him that he knows the issues inside out, upside down and from all angles. That's the way he is. I know he'll work hard for the people of Park City.

Joseph Saladyga

Park City

National politics aren't a good model


Reading the letter "Behind-the-scenes negotiations" (October 9-11, The Park Record) really got my attention but not for the reason the writer probably intended. Rather, I am angered and disappointed that someone is attempting to turn a Park City election into a local version of what is so wrong about our state and national elections. The writer uses innuendo with no supporting facts to impugn the reputations of four Park City citizens including two candidates. I think Park City deserves better and I think our candidates deserve better.

Peter Wright

Park City

Andy understands the future!


Andy's commitment to open space, the environment, and the people of Park City is why I am supporting him for Mayor. As a graduate of Park City High School, I have seen this town grow and grow more! I'm concerned about affordable housing, the environment, and the opportunity for our younger community members to foster local jobs and business. These are all issues that I know Andy has on his radar and is actively pursuing.

Andy's dedication to the environment and renewable energy is where he has always walked the walk. In his goal for a net-zero energy business, a solar array consisting of thousands of watts was installed on Main St. His involvement with the Mountain Trails Foundation, Recycle Utah, and current role on City Council, are only a few pieces of the Andy Beerman collage.

Andy has the future of all the people in mind. His energy level and personal commitment to the people is why I know Andy is the best candidate for Mayor of our town!

Mike Wong

Park City

Thank you, Vail


On behalf of the Youth Sports Alliance and the youths that we serve I want to express my sincere gratitude to Vail Resorts Echo for our Get Out & Play Program & "Dare to Dream" Scholarship Grant Award. Thanks to Vail Resorts Echo, many non-profit organizations will greatly benefit from their charitable giving and service. This partnership makes it possible to support an additional 500 local youth, representing a broad spectrum of our community, launching their dreams while learning lifelong values. THANK YOU from all of our kids, you have made a difference in their lives and we appreciate your support.

The Alliance supports winter sports activities for youths in Summit and Wasatch counties, promoting good sportsmanship and healthy lifestyles through participation, education and competition. Our children learn about commitment and hard work, as well as sportsmanship and respect. Whether recreational participants getting off the couch and out to play in our winter wonderland, or elite athletes aspiring to be world-class competitors; involvement in sports programs builds character in a positive, structured environment. In addition to providing opportunities to participate, the Alliance encourages all athletes to adopt and embrace the following core values spelling out the acronym SPORT: Sportsmanship, Perseverance, Optimism, Respect, and Teamwork all building blocks for life.

Thank you for believing in the dreams of our youth!

Aimee Preston

Executive Director "Play, Learn, Dream."