Marketplace: Tressa’s Consign and Design fills Park City homes with unique furniture |

Marketplace: Tressa’s Consign and Design fills Park City homes with unique furniture

Lounging on a chair in her consign and design store, surrounded by unique pieces of art and furniture, Tressa McLane tilts her head and looks wistfully at the wall.

She has just been asked where her love for furniture and design began and she is reminiscing. Her mind drifts back to younger days, when she traveled the world, living here and there, from Hawaii to Australia. She’d rent a place to live and fill it with furniture and art from local garage sales. When she’d move, she’d sell it all and start over again.

"That’s what got me into wanting to do interior design," McLane said, smiling.

Years later, McLane has made a career out of that passion. In October, she opened Tressa’s Consign and Design, 6300 Sagewood Drive in Kimball Junction, after five years of offering her services online.

McLane’s new store has found a warm reception from customers. It is stuffed full of unique consignment furniture and art — walking is a delicate maneuver in some areas of the store — and she has gotten a lot of foot traffic from new clients, as well as those who have previously purchased items or services from her website.

"It’s been great because I do have a following, and the new location is fantastic," McLane said. "I’m right in the middle of everything. There’s a lot of hustle and bustle."

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One aspect of her store McLane said she is most proud of is the prices. None of the furniture is new, and she often gets items at furniture markets, meaning she’s able to pass along a low price to her customers.

"I have choices and different price brackets," McLane said. "I go to market to try to keep my prices down. I don’t charge retail for anything."

In addition to the furniture available in the store and online, McLane offers design services, furniture brokering and estate sales. She often furnishes whole homes for out-of-town clients who are buying secondary homes in the area, sometimes without ever meeting them in person.

"I’m out running around looking at furniture or meeting with people to see what they need," McLane said. "I’m trying to build more and more design services."

McLane said those services are vital in a resort town like Park City.

"I did interior design around town, and I saw the need for consignment because properties flip so quickly," McLane said. "I was getting people new furniture, and they didn’t know where to put their old furniture, so I opened up Tressa’s Consign and Design."

One of the things McLane finds most interesting about her job is the variety of furniture she gets in her store. Many of the items have unique backstories customers are always eager to hear about.

"I get some really fun art pieces that have really fun stories to them," McLane said. "I get pieces that come from art collectors — some very rare pieces. We get really cool pieces that you don’t see anywhere else."

offering design and furniture brokering services in addition to running the store, McLane said she often is juggling many jobs at once and trying to keep her head above water. But for her, that’s part of the fun.

"I actually love the challenge," McLane said. "It’s fast and furious and that’s the way I work. Me and my staff just go in and get it done. It keeps me going and on my toes. And then afterwards, you get to see customers happy with what you’ve done — that’s very rewarding."

Tressa’s Consign and Design: 6300 Sagewood Drive in Park City; 435-640-1588;

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