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Tile and grout: over and out

Cole Fullmer, The Park Record

As Ashley Bibler and Brian Becker were on their way home after a long day of work late Tuesday afternoon, the phone rang.

While the business partners were driving over Parley’s summit, their plans and the driving route were quickly changed. Before the thought of relaxing could vacate their minds, the duo was off to another job a client needed to go over some plan changes before leaving town unexpectedly.

"Word of mouth is our biggest ally right now as a new business," said Becker, co-owner of High Mountain Grout and Tile Restoration. "We take care of our customers, because we know their recommendation can take us farther than any ad can. It’s not rare to get a hug from a customer when leaving a job and phone calls from neighbors a few days later."

The native Hoosiers, who grew up near South Bend, Ind., got the ball rolling on the new business in November. The business, whose motto is, "Why buy new when you can renew," is based out of Kamas and has developed a process that transforms tired, old looking grout and tile to practically new in less than a day, according to Becker.

But it took more than a day for the business partners to get the proper paperwork approved and the building blocks for the business in place.

A looming home show, which takes place in Salt Lake City every January to promote home development specialists from around the state, would determine the future success of High Mountain Grout and Tile Restoration.

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"It took me a month and a half to get everything ready for the home show," said Bibler. "We spent a lot of time getting our business image just right, and knew this year’s business was very dependent on the first set of customers we attracted."

Despite scrambling to get the business put together in a short time, the innovative refurbishing technique was well received by patrons visiting the show landing 40 home visits to conduct estimates.

"Business has been amazing since the home show. It wasn’t even two days after the show and customers started rolling in," Becker said.

Their trade, which deals in tile and grout, a common craft practiced by many home owners and private contractors, has a niche that separates them from the rest. Their work, which only entails a day of high-temperature steaming and color sealing, brings aging tile and grout back to life and avoids the mess and days of construction usually needed to complete the task, according to Becker.

"We have perfected the grout and tile restoration process, which allows homeowners to not only enjoy like-new flooring, but also a floor that can be easily maintained," Becker said.

According to Becker, when tile is installed, it’s rarely sealed. Grout is extremely porous and will absorb any liquids that come in contact with it, inevitably ruining the tile.

"We use a color seal that can be matched to any shade of grout color out there," Becker said. "The customer has the option of keeping the original color or changing it completely. Changing grout color is normally a big process that can take a number of messy days. We are in and out, depending on the job size, within a couple of hours."

With an unlimited selection of color options to choose from, Becker says, High Mountain Grout and Tile Restoration will leave grout lines waterproof and stain-free by preventing bacteria and discoloration from penetrating the grout.

To learn more about the new home improvement operation to service Summit County, visit http://www.highmountaingroutandtile.com or call 901-1282.

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