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Park City resident Julian Castelli has turned other people s vacations into his career. Christopher Reeves/Park Record

Editor's note: This article is the fourth in a series of profiles of key players in the fast-paced high-tech industry and their connection to Park City and Utah.

Julian Castelli, the Park City-based CEO of, grew up in Europe and remembers his family always vacationing in private homes. "So, when I was older, instead of a hotel room," he says, "I was the guy who would find the perfect house for friends and families on vacation. It was my personal passion to get us all together in very cool places." That passion paid off nicely for Castelli when he left his position as CFO of 'Primedia' in Atlanta - a $300-million business in online listing services to join forces with a private equity firm and begin here in Utah.

"In 2006, it was still a pretty wide-open market place," remembers Castelli, "VRBO was the only big company and they were minting money, so they weren't interested in selling (though they later sold to category leader, I was chasing another company called When that deal didn't happen and Primedia decided they weren't going to invest in the online travel space, I decided to start my own company in online travel services." And that's what drew Castelli and his family to Park City. He found out about a company in Park City called 'Mountain Reservations' that had started in 2001 and was subsequently sold to