City Hall has posted an employment advertisement seeking an assistant city manager, a high-ranking position in the municipal structure.

Diane Foster most recently held the position, when it was classified as the deputy city manager. Foster is now the city manager.

The application deadline for the assistant city manager job is 5 p.m. on June 14. It is not clear when a hiring is anticipated. The position pays between $76,296 and $114,444 annually and includes a wide-ranging benefits package.

The advertisement is posted on City Hall's website. It is also listed on government management websites, and it has appeared on job listing sites online.

The posting asks candidates to address three questions in their cover letter discussing topics like how the person would work in what is described as a "high performance organization with a team culture." It also asks the person to outline their priorities for the first 90 days on the job.

"Park City has a culture of accountability. Please answer the following scenario: A manager promises you something which is important by a certain deadline, and then does not complete it. What do you do," one of the questions asks.

The position requires someone hold an undergraduate degree in public administration or a similar degree and at least five years of experience as a department head in a municipal government or as an assistant city manager.


The advertisement indicates City Hall prefers someone hold a master's degree and speaks Spanish.

The assistant city manager in Park City's government structure supervises the staffers in the Executive Department, but the position does not have oversight of other City Hall departments.

Nobody from inside the ranks of City Hall has publicly stated their intention to apply for the position.

The posting is available on the City Hall website, Select the 'Employment' button on the front page and then "assistant city manager." The direct link is: