According to the Summit County Sheriff's Report, a Basin woman reported on Wednesday, May 8 that when she tried to file her taxes, she discovered someone had already used her Social Security number to file for a tax return.

A South Summit woman reported that she was punched in the face when she tried to intervene in a physical fight between two individuals.

A driver was stopped on Interstate 80 for an expired registration. The deputy smelled burnt marijuana when he approached the vehicle. The driver voluntarily handed the deputy a glass pipe containing marijuana. A vehicle search revealed two glass jars containing golf ball-size amounts of marijuana. The deputy also found several other drug paraphernalia items.

On Tuesday, May 7, a Basin man reported someone had spray painted words on his vehicle during the night. He also said there were large scratches in the paint near his fuel tank.

A woman who works at a business east of S.R. 224 reported harassment after her coworkers received multiple calls alleging that she has been stealing items from the business and needs to be fired.

On Monday, May 6, North Summit residents reported a speeding problem in the area and requested increased traffic enforcement. A sergeant observed the area for a short time and made a few traffic stops for speed.

A vehicle that was abandoned on a Basin street, blocking traffic, was called into deputies and was towed.

A Basin woman reported a small vehicle had stopped in front of her house.


A female allegedly got out of the vehicle and took recycle bins from the complainant's front yard, placing them in the suspect's vehicle before driving off. The complainant said she noticed several other bins in the back of the suspect's vehicle, but she was unable to get a license plate number.

Deputies received a report that a large truck hit a light pole across the street from a Basin bank.

A high school tutor reported a scam after she received a check to tutor a child that was going to be visiting from England. The check was for a much larger amount than her fee and she was requested to deposit the check and wire the excess amount to a third individual.

On Saturday, May 4, a deputy stopped a vehicle on S.R. 224 for an equipment violation. After obtaining consent to search the vehicle, the deputy found alcohol. The juvenile was released to his father with a juvenile court referral.

On Friday, May 3, a man reported he was sold LSD by a bar patron on the Mirror Lake Highway, who told him that he sells illegal drugs to South Summit High School students. The complainant said the suspect is likely a member of a motorcycle gang, and he turned over the LSD to deputies.

A male was reportedly missing after leaving his North Summit residence. His father requested assistance with locating him. Deputies were able to locate his general cell phone's GPS and found him a few miles from the trailhead where his vehicle was found. He had sustained a broken femur and was flown out by helicopter.

A deputy arrested a man in the Kimball Junction area for two warrants, as well as possessing a small amount of methamphetamine and drug paraphernalia.

A deputy assisted the Division of Child and Family Services with an investigation in the Basin. The deputy smelled marijuana at the front door of the residence, but the occupants did not answer the door. The deputy obtained a search warrant and located drug paraphernalia and marijuana inside the resident's vehicle. A juvenile was released with a juvenile court referral for drug paraphernalia and an adult was booked into jail.

On Thursday, May 2, deputies received a call that someone had tagged a large wood structure at a Basin park. There were no suspects, as of Thursday.

Deputies responded to a report that a juvenile female was pushed while trying to break up a fight between two dogs in the Basin.

A Salt Lake area man reported that his credit card was used in North Summit.

On Wednesday, May 1, the front door jam at a North Summit home was damaged in a possible attempted burglary overnight. The overhead roll-up door also appeared tampered with but was not damaged. No one appeared to have gotten into the home and nothing was reported stolen.

A night clerk at a Basin business discovered he was about $100 short at the end of his shift. He told deputies he may have been a victim of con men. Earlier in his shift, two older white males came in and made a purchase. During the transaction, money was exchanged between the customer and the clerk multiple times to get the right change. The clerk said he may have been tricked into giving more change than needed.

On Tuesday, April 30, the Sheriff's Office received a report from the Division of Child and Family Services that child abuse had allegedly occurred in Summit County during a weekend custody visit with the father.

A man was walking his dog west of S.R. 224 when he saw a vehicle he thought was driving too fast. He flipped the driver off and a confrontation ensued. One man claimed the other had punched him in the face. He had injuries consistent with being punched. The victim signed a complaint against the alleged attacker for assault and the attacker was cited.

A homeless man was found walking near a Basin freeway exit. He said he will try to hitchhike to Wyoming in the morning.

A man near S.R. 32 reported his truck was vandalized during the last two weeks. The man said someone had thrown acid on his truck's roof and hood, causing damage. Deputies noted a white substance on the roof and hood.

A Basin woman reported to deputies that she could not wake her daughter. She said her daughter may have overdosed on alcohol and Benadryl. When officers and EMS arrived, the daughter was awake but lethargic. According to the Sheriff's Report, she admitted to taking 100 25 mg Benadryl pills. She was voluntarily transported first to Park City Medical Center then to IMC hospital.

Deputies received a call on Monday, April 29 that a known male reportedly took three pairs of sunglasses from a Kimball Junction office on two occasions. The caller reported there was video surveillance of the theft.