City Hall is considering a "broadband roadmap" as technology in the community advances.

It is not known what would be included on such a map, but Park City leaders are preparing to discuss the idea of widening broadband technology or high-speed Internet service.

The Park City Council is scheduled to discuss the technology during a meeting on Thursday. The talk, labeled 'Community technology,' is scheduled to start at 4:30 p.m. at the Marsac Building and last 50 minutes. A hearing is not scheduled, but public comment is sometimes allowed anyway.

The City Council is not scheduled to make decisions at the meeting, but the elected officials could signal if they want staffers to pursue new projects.

"What is our role, if any, as a government entity," said Scott Robertson, City Hall's director of information technology and the staffer who drafted a report for the elected officials in anticipation of the meeting on Thursday.

Robertson said he will not discuss new proposals to upgrade broadband technology at the meeting. He said most of Park City has access to reasonable or good broadband technology. There are small pockets of the city, though, that continue to have "limited broadband access," he said. The report to the elected officials indicated upward of 90 percent of people who live in Park City and businesses in the city have access through various providers.

Robertson rated broadband access in Park City a six on 1-to-10 scale.


He said the community efforts are working toward him giving a seven rating.

City Hall's efforts over the past decade-plus have included connecting municipal facilities with a fiber optics system and a bid to have Google install a fiber optic network in the community as part of the Internet giant's Google Fiber program.

Google did not select Park City, but Robertson said City Hall would be interested in working with Google if the firm wants to later.

The discussion on Thursday, meanwhile, is also expected to address the Wi-Fi capabilities in Park City, which provides Internet access to mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. Much of the talk could focus on Main Street.

Robertson said WiFi availability along Main Street is through hotspots at businesses. The discussion on Thursday, though, could center on City Hall creating a WiFi network along Main Street.

Robertson said questions include the target market for a municipal WiFi system on Main Street and which times of the year one would be available. He said a year-round WiFi system could be discussed as well as one that is available at certain times.

The discussion comes as Park City continues a wide-ranging effort to further develop the local economy. Leaders want to create a diversified economy stretching beyond the sectors tied to the resort industry. Doing so, they say, would make the economy less susceptible to warm, dry winters that do not attract skiers in large numbers.

Technology upgrades, they say, are important as officials attempt to attract new businesses to Park City not tied to the resort industry.