Park City officials closed the skate park at City Park after finding graffiti, the first time in at least four years that sort of measure was taken.

Ken Fisher, who manages Park City's recreation programs, said the skate park was closed at 10:30 a.m. on Thursday. It is expected to reopen Saturday morning.

Fisher said graffiti was found on the skating surface, the restroom building at the site and on vending machines. It was discovered Thursday morning.

The graffiti was removed Thursday morning at a cost of close to $800, he said.

He said closing the facility could encourage skaters to take care of the park and to report graffiti to the police.

A flier posted on City Hall's website indicates the Park City Police Department will patrol the park while it is closed. Anyone who is seen in the park will receive a trespassing ticket, the flier says.

"Protect your skating rights and don't let people tag the park!" the flier says.