Beer will be sold in two fenced locations in City Park on Independence Day and people who buy beer in those places will not be allowed to bring their drinks outside the fences, a City Hall official said on Wednesday.

Tommy Youngblood, who manages special events for the municipal government, said one of the locations will be organized by the Park City Ambassadors. The other will be put on by the rugby team.

Youngblood said the fences that will be in place on the 4th of July will be similar to those used a few years ago. He said they will be an "extra measure of safety."

Youngblood said state alcohol regulators and the Park City Police Department requested the fences be put up for the holiday.

City Park is one of Park City's 4th of July hotspots as large crowds usually gather to watch rugby and enjoy the holiday.

A longtime Parkite is displeased with the fences. In a message to The Park Record, Old Town dweller Andy Byrne, a 30-year resident of the city, called the fences a "beer jail."

"I just walked along the Poison Creek Trail thru City Park and was shocked/unnerved at all the barricades going up. Unnerved.....because I had the creepy feeling that beer drinkers (gasp !) were being further inconvenienced by 'the powers that be,'" Byrne said in the message.

The message said he was worried about safety as well.