Information on the following cases was provided by Summit County Prosecuting Attorney Matthew Bates.

Adrian Munoz, 24, of Heber City, is charged with vehicle burglary and theft. Employees at the Newpark Hotel reported to police that they saw Munoz take another employee's purse and rummage though her car. Police located Munoz in Wasatch County. When they tried to pull him over, Munoz threw a purse out of the window of his car. Police retrieved the purse and discovered that the victim's debit card and $250 were missing.

Charles Joseph Cliff, 21, of Salt Lake City, is charged with driving under the influence and possession of marijuana. A Park City police officer stopped Cliff after noticing that one of his headlights was burnt out. On approaching Cliff, the officer immediately noticed that Cliff's eyes were glossy and bloodshot and that his breath smelled of alcohol. The officer arrested Cliff for driving under the influence and impounded his car. While taking an inventory of the contents of the car, the officer located more than three ounces of marijuana. A chemical test of a sample of Cliff's blood revealed that his blood alcohol content was .10, higher than the legal limit of .08.

Chris Corbett Nielsen, 53, of Oakley, is charged with driving under the influence. A Utah Parks and Recreation officer stopped Nielsen driving near Rockport Reservoir after noticing that Nielsen could not maintain his lane of travel.


Nielsen failed the field sobriety tests, and a subsequent chemical test revealed that his breath alcohol content was .245, more than three times the legal limit. Nielsen's charge was enhanced to a class A misdemeanor because at the time of the offense he had a small child with him in the car.

Daniel Joseph Monk, 30, of Park City, is charged with criminal trespass and drug possession. Park City police officers responded to a home on Woodside Avenue on a report of an intruder. On arriving, the tenant told police that her former roommate, Monk, had returned and broken into her home. Officers confronted Monk in the home and found him to be extremely intoxicated. They arrested him and transported him to the Summit County Jail. While en route to the jail, Monk chided the officers for not discovering the drugs that he had hidden at the home. An officer who remained at the scene to finish the investigation searched the area where Monk had been and discovered a small bag of marijuana stuffed into the couch where Monk had been sitting.

Diego Alton Earley, 45, of Sandy, and Kenneth S. Kelly, 34, of Evanston, Wyoming, are charged with theft, criminal mischief and burglary. Both men are alleged to have stolen large amounts of copper and brass fittings and copper wire from the Yellow Creek Gas Plant in Summit County and selling the metal at scrap yards in Salt Lake City.

Dorothy L. Wismer, 63, of Park City, is charged with retail theft for allegedly stealing a demo iPad 4 from Diamond Wireless at the Redstone Shopping Center.

Jahim De Shawn Phillips, 32, of Kamas, is charged with two counts of possession of a weapon by a restricted person and driving on a suspended license. A Summit County Sheriff's deputy stopped Phillips for driving a van with a malfunctioning headlight. Phillips refused to provide his license, registration or proof of insurance, claiming that he felt that he does not need a license because he has been studying the law. He further claimed that the deputy was "a debt collector and [Phillips] did not agree to this service." The deputy checked Phillips' background and discovered that he was a convicted felon and that his driver's license was suspended. She arrested Phillips and impounded his van. While inventorying the van's contents, she found two knives, both of which had blades at least eight inches long. Because Phillips is a convicted felon, he is prohibited from possessing any dangerous weapons.

James Grant Marshall, 40, of Coalville, is charged with several counts of possession of a dangerous weapon by a restricted person, making threats of violence, resisting arrest and drug possession. Summit County Sheriff's deputies responded to a disturbance in Coalville and were told by several of Marshall's neighbors that he was drunk and had been threatening one neighbor. Deputies attempted to arrest Marshall, but he fled into his home. The deputies chased him and ultimately Tasered him before taking him into custody. While in Marshall's home, deputies discovered drug paraphernalia. They obtained a warrant and searched the home and discovered marijuana and four homemade knives. One of the knives had the phrase "Made for Blood" scrawled on the wooden handle in red ink. Marshall is a convicted felon and is therefore prohibited from possessing any dangerous weapons.

Jorge Alberto Urias-Garcia, 28, of Park City, is charged with unlawful sexual conduct with a minor for allegedly grabbing the breasts of a 17-year-old girl.

Mathew Tavis Macri, 45, of Salt Lake City, is charged with possession of morphine. Macri was a passenger in a car that was stopped on Interstate 80 in Summit County. During the stop, the sheriff's deputy discovered that Macri had an outstanding arrest warrant. When the deputy arrested him, Macri allegedly dropped a syringe loaded with morphine.

Sara Isabelle Nichols, 38, of Salt Lake City, is charged with drug possession and retail theft. A Summit County Sheriff's deputy saw Nichols acting suspiciously while leaving the Walmart at Kimball Junction. He stopped the car that she got into and asked her whether she had shoplifted anything from Walmart. Nichols admitted that she had. The deputy then searched the car and found a few items that had been taken from Walmart and a small quantity of heroin near where Nichols had been sitting.

Sergio Luis Cornejo, 22, of Park City, is charged with burglary, assault and drug possession. Park City police officers responded to the Holiday Village Apartments on a report of a domestic disturbance. On arriving they spoke with a woman who reported that her ex-boyfriend, Cornejo, had pushed his way into her apartment and shoved her into a wall. When officers arrested Cornejo, they found a small bindle of cocaine in his pants pocket.

Shane Garcia, 46, of Helper, is charged with fleeing from police and assault. Park City police officers spoke with a woman found sitting injured on Swede Alley. The woman reported that her boyfriend, Garcia, had become angry after she ran into a male friend at a bar. She said Garcia punched her in the head and fled. A Utah Highway Patrol trooper located Garcia a short distance away. When he tried to apprehend Garcia, Garcia fled again. The trooper apprehended him after Garcia ran into a dead-end alley.

Zein Ontiel Avila, 21, of Heber City, is charged with identity fraud. An investigation into the records of the Department of Workforce Services revealed that Garcia has worked for the last three years in Park City using the Social Security number of a juvenile in Murray, Utah.

Lee M. Hindin, 44, of Washington, D.C., self-reported to the Summit County Jail on Aug. 6 to serve a 14-day commitment. Hindin pleaded guilty in May 2012 to two counts of unlawful dealing of a fiduciary and one count of communications fraud for defrauding a local investor of approximately $750,000. As part of his plea agreement, Hindin promised to repay the investor in full. In April 2013, Hindin made his final restitution payment. At that point, in consideration of Hindin's efforts to repay the investor, the court reduced his convictions to misdemeanors and ordered him to serve only 14 days in jail.

Christian L. Durfee, 38, of Park City, pleaded guilty to attempting to bribe a police officer and intoxication. A Park City police officer found Durfee stumbling down Main Street with a strong odor of alcohol on his breath and bloodshot eyes. The officer discovered that Durfee had an outstanding warrant and arrested him. While en route to the jail, Durfee offered the officer $1,500 to let him go. The Summit County Third District Court sentenced Durfee to a suspended jail term, 18 months probation and a $1,000 fine.

Irina Lyubner, 54, of Park City, was sentenced to serve 62 days in jail and 36 months probation and to pay a $1,500 fine for driving under the influence. Lyubner had previously pleaded guilty to that offense after she struck a parked vehicle with her car and left the scene. When officers found her a short distance away, Lyubner appeared intoxicated. A subsequent chemical test revealed that her blood-alcohol content was .22, nearly three times the legal limit. This was Ms. Lyubner's third DUI in ten years, so the conviction is a felony.

Nicolas Allen Meng, 27, pleaded guilty to possession of a controlled substance with intent to distribute. In February 2012, Meng was stopped by a Summit County Sheriff's deputy on I-80 just outside of Coalville. During the stop, the deputy discovered a gallon of gamma hydroxyl butyric acid (GHB) in Meng's truck. GHB is a schedule I controlled substance and a popular club drug. The court sentenced Meng to serve six months in the county jail.