Cindy Matsumoto, an incumbent Park City Councilor seeking re-election, finished second in the primary election instead of the third-place position after a mistake was discovered in the counting that was conducted on the night of the primary.

The official results, adopted by the Park City Council acting in its role as the Board of Canvassers, showed Matsumoto with 37 more votes than were counted on the night of the primary. City Hall's election official, Sharon Bauman, said the counting judges misstated the figure when compiling Matsumoto's final number on the night of the primary.

The official results are:

  • Alex Butwinski, an incumbent City Councilor, 277 votes, up from the 270 counted on the night of the primary.

  • Matsumoto, 270 votes

  • Mary Wintzer, 263 votes, up from 259

  • Tim Henney, 215 votes, up from 211

  • Lisa Wilson, 42 votes, up from 41

  • Bill McKenna, 30 votes, the same number as counted on the night of the primary

    The canvass includes provisional and absentee ballots in addition to those that were cast during the early-voting period and on the day of the primary.

    Voter turnout was 10.6 percent, according to the canvass.

    The top four finishers advanced to Election Day in November. There are two seats on the ballot. The campaign is expected to attract broader interest in the coming weeks after what was a muted primary season.


    The two mayoral candidates, City Councilman Andy Beerman and Planning Commissioner Jack Thomas, were not forced into a primary, likely one of the reasons for the scattered interest in the Aug. 13 voting.

    Matsumoto's advance into the second-place position could be psychologically important since there are only two seats on the ballot. But there is also the chance of wide swings in the results in November since turnout is anticipated to be greater with the mayor's office on the ballot.

    The politicking is anticipated to increase significantly shortly. Miners Day, next Monday, is the traditional start of the Park City campaign season as candidates march in the parade. Candidate forums are also being scheduled for the fall after a primary season when none occurred.