Summit County Sheriff Dave Edmunds, a lawman who helped protect Park City Mountain Resort during the 2002 Winter Olympics, on Wednesday had the duty to send a deputy to inform the resort of Talisker Corporation's de facto eviction notice.

Edmunds said an attorney for Talisker Corporation contacted the Sheriff's Office Wednesday morning about a document known as a notice to quit. The sheriff said the deputy served the documents at the Salt Lake City law offices of PCMR's lead attorney, Alan Sullivan. He said the service is part of the statutory duties of the Sheriff's Office. The action on Wednesday "broke my heart," the sheriff said.

"I have great affinity for Park City Mountain Resort," Edmunds said, adding, "That affinity does not preclude me from doing my duty."

Edmunds was a police officer in Park City before being elected sheriff a little more than 10 years ago. While a Park City officer, he was assigned to be the venue commander for PCMR during the Olympics. The resort was a major Olympic venue, hosting skiing and snowboarding competitions.

Edmunds said the Sheriff's Office could be asked to assist if an eviction occurs. A request for assistance had not been made by Thursday morning, he said.