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A window was smashed at Silver Restaurant & Lounge on Main Street during a fight outside the establishment. The damage is estimated at $1,200. The general manager says the episode is "disheartening." Jay Hamburger/Park Record

The Park City Police Department last weekend responded to at least three separate cases involving fisticuffs on Main Street within a short period of time, including one that resulted in a smashed restaurant window and another that left a man with a broken ankle.

The cases were reported at 12:48 a.m. and 1:16 a.m. on Saturday, and the damaged restaurant window was still visible Monday morning.

In the case logged at 1:16 a.m., the police said, a fight was reported on the 500 block of Main Street. The police said in an online statement several men started a fight with another man, inflicting injuries to a cheek, his lip and an ear. A woman attempting to intervene was punched in the face and slammed into the wall of a building, the police said.

The police said one of the people involved was arrested on four charges, including assault, after being treated by a medical crew. The police are searching for one other suspect for questioning.

The online statement indicated officers were on the scene for more than an hour. The officers found damage at a nearby business as the investigation was underway. The police said the damage, apparently a smashed window, was the result of another fight.

A smashed window was visible at Silver Restaurant & Lounge afterward. Shawn Hyer, the general manager, said in an interview nobody involved in the confrontation that resulted in the damaged window was inside the establishment beforehand. Hyer, who was not there at the time, said a disc jockey inside saw the fight start outside.


"It was disheartening. There was a big, ugly brawl in the street," Hyer said.

The window must be replaced. He said damage is estimated at approximately $1,200.

The police said the fight started outside a nightclub across the street from Hyer's place. The police arrested a suspect Monday night on charges of assault and disorderly conduct.

In the 12:48 a.m. case, meanwhile, officers were called to a nightclub on the 300 block of Main Street to respond to a report of a fight. People there pointed the officers in the direction of the nearby China Bridge garage on Swede Alley, the police said in an online statement. The officers found five people. The five fled when they saw the officers, running away in different directions, the police said.

Two suspects jumped off the second story of the garage as the police chased them, the Police Department said. One of them suffered a broken bone in his ankle when he landed, according to the police. He was taken to a hospital. The other was also captured.

The police said the two fled after a fight with two other men. The other two were referred to as "a bald male" and a "fat male," according to the police.

The police said one of the people, referred to as both a victim and a suspect, was hit in the forehead with an object, leaving a five-inch red mark. The type of object is unknown.

The police were continuing the investigation at a hospital when another person, described as a victim of the same confrontation, arrived for treatment for unspecified injuries.

The Police Department said the investigation is continuing.