The Park City Police Department has identified two possible suspects in a series of vehicle burglaries stretching since early August and could release information about the two by the middle of the week.

Rick Ryan, the captain who oversees the department's investigators, declined to discuss the two on Monday. It was not known what led the police to the two possible suspects.

The burglaries have confounded the police as the cases mounted, particularly in period between late August and the middle of September. Some have involved the thieves smashing a window to get inside while the doors have been unlocked in other cases.

The cases continued last week. During the afternoon of Wednesday, Sept. 25, the police received a report of a window on a Subaru Outback being smashed. A purse was taken from inside. The vehicle was on Gold Dust Lane. The police said the report was delayed, but it was not immediately clear when the break-in occurred. The next day, at 4:38 p.m. on Gillmor Way, a burglary was reported. Golf clubs, a wallet and an identification card, were apparently taken, according to police logs.

On Sunday, meanwhile, the police received a report late in the morning from the 900 block of Park Avenue. The person who contacted the police said they watched a young man observing people putting items in their car and looking at other vehicles in the area. When the young man saw the person watching him, he backed away, the police were told. He returned when the caller moved to a spot where they could not be seen, according to police logs.


The day before, a car alarm on a Subaru Legacy was reported to have been triggered at 10:02 p.m. on the 1400 block of Woodside Avenue. Two men, appearing to be approximately 20 years old, left the area on foot, the police were told. Police logs indicated both of them had backpacks and both looked like they were carrying something in brown bags.

Police officers last week conducted numerous patrols monitoring parking lots, garages and streets. In some of the entries in police logs, the officers indicated the patrols were in response to the burglaries.

Some of the patrols reported since the start of last week included:

  • in the morning of Sept. 29 in Park Meadows, including at least one trailhead. Earlier that morning the patrols included parking lots on the 1700 block of Prospector Avenue.

  • in the morning of Sept. 28 in Thaynes Canyon, Aspen Springs, Prospector and Park Meadows.

  • in the night of Sept. 27 along Lowell Avenue, including underground garages. Patrols were conducted that morning in Park Meadows.

  • in the night of Sept. 26 along Prospector Avenue.

  • in the morning of Sept. 23 along Lowell Avenue, including underground garages.

    "The same things burglars are looking at, we're looking at," Ryan said about the patrols in garages and parking lots.

    He said he anticipates the patrols will continue. Ryan said the patrols have been ongoing since the early cases, but the Police Department has started to better document them recently. He said other police duties, such as traffic patrols, have not been sacrificed to search for suspects in the burglaries.

    "They're just stepping up their game," he said about the officers.

    People with information about the cases may contact the Police Department at 615-5500 or the department's anonymous-tip line, 615-5847. The department also operates an online tip form. The address is: .