The Romneys have returned to the Park City real estate market with a slopeside mansion in Deer Valley.

County Courthouse property records recently were updated to reflect a sale of a house on Silver Lake Drive to a firm called Deer Valley SR, LLC. State records identify Ann Romney, the wife of Mitt Romney, as the manager of Deer Valley SR, LLC. She signed the articles of organization, which identify the firm's purpose as real estate holdings. The state Division of Corporations & Commercial Code received the articles of organization on Aug. 22.

A document known as a warranty deed, logged in the Summit County Recorder's Office on Sept. 9, shows the interest in the house was conveyed to the Deer Valley SR, LLC firm. The county's property records normally lag behind a sale.

The Summit County Assessor's Office values the house and the land it sits on at $3.7 million. The estimated property taxes in 2013 are $33,648.36, according to the Assessor's Office.

The house had been listed for $8.9 million.

The Romneys have had real estate connections to Park City since the middle of the 1990s. The family bought a house on Rising Star Lane in Solamere in 1995 and owned the mansion until 2009.

Romney remains popular in Park City and surrounding Summit County from his days leading the 2002 Winter Olympics, when upward of half of the events were held in the Park City area.

Romney, the 2012 Republican presidential candidate, won Summit County with 50.


8 percent of the vote on Election Day. His presence at the top of the ballot was credited with a solid showing by the GOP in Summit County last year. He clobbered his Republican opponents in Summit County in the 2008 and 2012 primaries.

He held gatherings with top-tier Republicans in Deer Valley during the past two summers. The event in 2012, occurring amid the campaign, was especially noteworthy as several hundred people traveled to Park City to spend time preparing for the fall politicking.