Jacqueline Smith has long been an outspoken voice for fiscal responsibility in Summit County and Utah. Smith is now taking on the federal government shutdown as well as the Count My Vote initiative through her Twitter feed and the conservative Save the American Republic Forum, also known as the STAR Forum.

"The government shutdown is not something that was warranted by anyone," Smith said. "It's unfortunate that we keep spending our children's and grandchildren's future."

Smith said the Affordable Care Act is the "biggest issue facing the American people at this time," as she claimed it is putting a squeeze on the middle class and forcing undue costs on business owners.

The STAR Forum, which Smith co-founded, is dedicated to "educating and advocating constitutional principles." Smith said the STAR Forum is currently focused on the Count My Vote initiative in Utah, which hopes to increase voter participation in elections by "modernizing the election system through a citizens' initiative petition," according to its website.

"[Count My Vote] is going to take away the rights of people and put things in the hands of big money," Smith said.

However, Smith said that the private sector could take over many operations that, for instance, the county manages. She said that "things would be done" if this happened.

In an Oct. 2 post on Twitter, Smith said: "During the shutdown, I've decided that Federal lands MUST be controlled by the states.


" She told The Park Record that the closing of national parks is "hurting our country" and that the lands do not belong in federal hands, but with the states.

When Smith was asked to comment about how Republicans can hope to defund the Affordable Care Act when it was passed as law and deemed constitutional by the Supreme Court, she said the law is not "set in stone."

"Just because a law is deemed constitutional, doesn't mean it's a perfect law," Smith said. "It doesn't mean it's set in stone forever. [Many Republicans] were elected to stop or repeal Obamacare."

Smith added that there are many "scare tactics" surrounding the government shutdown. She wants people to not be afraid of the shutdown.

"There are some non-essential military personnel that are furloughed. Social Security checks are still going out. Essential services are still occurring," Smith said.

Smith, who campaigned for Summit County Council as a write-in candidate in 2012, said she will not be running again next year. She said she was injured in a horse riding accident this year and is trying to "repair and recover."

"I will definitely get behind some good candidates," Smith said. "We need to get some good fiscal voices on that Council."