Park City leaders in coming weeks are expected to decide how mail will be delivered in a section of Old Town, including the possibility of putting up so-called gang boxes in the neighborhood that would serve multiple households.

City Hall and the United States Postal Service have held a lengthy discussion about mail delivery in the neighborhood and appear to be preparing for a decision.

According to Matt Cassel, the Park City engineer and the staffer who has represented City Hall in the talks, the postal service has deemed a swath of Old Town as being eligible for home delivery.

That part of Old Town has traditionally not received home delivery, making a free post-office box available to those households. As a result of the change, the households will not eligible for a free post-office box, he said, leading to the upcoming decision.

The section of Old Town that will be impacted is roughly bounded by:

  • 8th Street northward

  • Empire Avenue southward

  • Park City Mountain Resort westward

  • Poison Creek eastward

    The section includes the Rossi Hill neighborhood and Deer Valley Drive north of the Old Town roundabout.

    Cassel said it has been determined that households in that section are eligible for a free delivery point in the neighborhood but not a free post-office box. The post-office boxes have been available at the Main Street post office. He said the change will impact households who live in houses that they own themselves.


    The postal service has estimated there are 57 households that will be impacted, Cassel said.

    He said options that the elected officials will consider include installing gang boxes on the affected streets, installing gang boxes at locations other than the affected streets and prohibiting gang boxes, which would force the 57 households to pay to rent a post-office box.

    Cassel said he anticipates crafting a recommendation to the elected officials against installing gang boxes. He said gang boxes could be problematic in the snow, there is not parking available where gang boxes would be placed and there is little space for gang boxes on the streets where they would be needed.

    An open house is scheduled on Tuesday about the topic. It is slated to start at 5 p.m. and last until 6:30 p.m. in the City Council chambers at the Marsac Building. Cassel and representatives of the Park City Planning Department are expected to attend. Cassel said the postal service is not anticipated to be in attendance.

    Cassel said the City Council could address the issue at a Nov. 17 meeting. If a decision is made then, the gang boxes could be installed and ready for a change as early as Jan. 1.

    For more information about the open house or the potential changes, contact Cassel at 615-5055 or