Claim Jumper sign returned to rightful owner — and rightful place |

Claim Jumper sign returned to rightful owner — and rightful place

by Jay Hamburger OF THE RECORD STAFF

The familiar sign that hangs from the Claim Jumper building on Main Street has reappeared months after it was taken.

The sign was recently put up again, but it was not clear when.

Several people carried the sign off in the middle of the day in July. One of the people who took the sign, Bill Kranstover, said at the time they planned to clean it and then give it to the Park City Museum. Kranstover said at the time a former owner of the Claim Jumper building had previously discussed with him the idea of taking down the sign and giving it to the museum.

The bank that controls the Claim Jumper is preparing to renovate the building, with City Hall receiving paperwork calling for a restaurant or nightclub, special event space and two apartments.

Kranstover said he returned the sign to a representative of the Claim Jumper’s ownership approximately two weeks ago. He said he is pleased the sign will be kept from deteriorating.

The Claim Jumper, one of the largest historic buildings in Park City, fell into disrepair as a developer abandoned its renovation plans. It has been vacant in recent years.

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