Club Reduce Park City promotes health |

Club Reduce Park City promotes health


Todd Singleton, a doctor of chiropractics, had run a successful multi-discipline health clinic for 20 years in the Salt Lake Valley when he almost accidentally discovered one form of treatment was practically a cure-all.

It happened in the basement of his practice, where he assigned the nutritionist. He had been sending patients down for a nutritional evaluation to see if any symptoms could be alleviated through a better diet.

"Patients were improving, saying ‘I feel so much better and I lost 10 pounds’ we started paying more attention to it," he explained. "They also reported sleeping better."

Singleton’s practice included medical doctors, physical therapists, massage therapists, chiropractors and more 75 professionals and staff all together. They could reduce pain in numerous ways, and better nutrition was proving to be one of the most effective services he offered, he said.

"We are what we assimilate," he said, adding, " helping the body eliminate waste better, we get healthier bodies."

Singleton said he decided to start a new venture focusing on nutrition in 2006. Today his program is called Club Reduce and is offered by about 275 clinics. He acts as a consultant and owns several locations himself. One of the newest is Club Reduce Park City inside the Silver Mountain Sports Club at Kimball Junction.

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Club Reduce has no "quick fix," but it does share tools and treatments with patients that can have quick results, like a body wrap that has reduced up to 14 inches off a patient in an hour. New patients at Kimball Junction can try the body wrap for free, he said.

But mostly the services are focused on helping people make life changes.

"We get people back into the kitchen fixing food for their families," he said. "It’s about being healthy and helping the body function. Losing weight is a side effect."

Club Reduce prefers the Herbalogica line of supplements. It is a Utah-based company that has been producing quality products for 30 years and is only available from weight-loss clinics, he said.

Herbalogica offers a full line of digestive enzymes, fatty acids, probiotics, multi-vitamins and multi-minerals. Free samples of the protein shake are available, he added.

Singleton chose Park City because he had many patients from Summit and Wasatch counties coming to his Salt Lake clinics.

"They even suggested we move into the Silver Mountain Sports Club," he said.

Treatments offered include the body wrap, spinal decompression and a non-surgical lipo-laser. Visit for more information about the laser treatment, he said. These services are in addition to the weight-loss consultations and pain management consultations.

Singleton is available Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Nutritionist Mandy Turner is available Monday through Friday.

Club Reduce Park City

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