Park City High School crowns Mr. Miner |

Park City High School crowns Mr. Miner

Alexandria Gonzalez, The Park Record

Anders Nilsson thanks the judges and the audience after being crowned Mr. Miner 2013. Christopher Reeves/Park Record.

The sounds of footsteps and a door creaking open boomed over the loudspeakers at the Eccles Center Wednesday, Oct. 9, as Park City High School students and parents cheered. Twelve high school seniors walked out onto the stage dressed as "Men of Music," such as Elvis Presley, Kiss guitarist Ace Frehley, and Bob Dylan, to dance the opening number of the Mr. Miner pageant to Michael Jackson’s "Thriller."

The medley of Thriller, Rihanna’s "Don’t Stop the Music" and ‘Nsync’s "e, Bye, Bye" ended as the two emcees of the pageant PCHS teachers Ryan Miller and Ben Ray – announced each contestant. Zac Winter, Garrett Magie, Daniel Butters, Charlie Moffat, Alec Wing, Jesse Smith, Konner Andersen, Art Occon, Anders Nilsson, Michael Holzrichter and Sean Kinsman were all the seniors competing for the title of Mr. Miner 2013.

"You’re about to witness more class than you will ever see in a Miley Cyrus video," Ray said as the pageant started.

The pageant was put together as a fundraiser by the Park City High Sschool Dance Company. Tickets were $5 for students and $7 general admission, and at intermission, audience members went to the lobby of the auditorium to pay $1 per vote for the Audience Choice award. All proceeds from the event went directly to benefit the dance company and dance classes at the high school.

There were three judges, including two high school teachers Jackie Hunden and Ciara Murano-Steele and celebrity judge Allison Phillips, Miss Utah International 2008 and a former dance company member all four of her years at Park City High School.

The first portion of the competition was "character modeling" as "Men of Music," the theme of this year’s pageant. Notable characters included Wing as John Lennon in his iconic New York City T-shirt, worn jeans and sunglasses, Butters as Frank Sinatra in a suit and fedora, and Holzrichter as Chris Brown in black slacks, a black button-down, white suspenders and a white bow-tie.

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The competitors then displayed their talent. Several of the entries were a "So You Think You Can Dance" skit created by Winter, a medley of songs from Disney movies such as Hercules, The Lion King and The Little Mermaid sung by Nilsson and the iconic dance to "(I’ve Had) The Time of My Life" from "Dirty Dancing" danced by Occon and Dance Company member Emma Cole.

After a second wardrobe change, the seniors then modeled their best suits for the final competition of the night, "GQ modeling and interview question." Each competitor walked out, handed a red rose to one of two young girls in white dresses Camryn House and Phoebe Anderson and walked to the front of the stage to answer a question posed by the two emcees of the night.

The interview questions ranged from "What would you say is the greatest lesson you’ve learned in high school?" to "How would you describe the perfect kiss?" After all of the competitors answered their question, an intermission was held so that attendees could walk out into the lobby and vote for the Audience Choice award.

Judges scores were tallied and Audience Choice votes were counted. The 11 seniors stood across the stage in their suits as the emcees called the top three candidates for Mr. Congeniality forward, which were Wing, Winter and Occon. Winter was incorrectly announced as the winner at the pageant. Wing was the correct winner.

The top three for the Audience Choice award were Occon, Magie and Moffat. Moffat was announced as the winner at the pageant, but Occon was the one who won the award.

They then announced the top three contenders for the title of Mr. Miner 2013: Andersen, Winter and Nilsson. Anderson was named first runner-up, which left Winter and Nilsson standing at the front of the stage, one arm around each other.

The emcees paused and lights zoomed around the stage. Nilsson was announced as the winner of Mr. Miner 2013, and members of the dance company placed a Mr. Miner sash across his chest and a crystal-studded miner’s helmet atop his head.

Nilsson is a senior who wants to attend a summer session at Brigham Young University upon graduation before embarking on his two-year Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints mission.

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