Park City student chasing down his dream |

Park City student chasing down his dream


A Park City student’s dream has come true.

Miguel Flores, who has grown up working alongside his father at restaurants, was recently awarded a full scholarship to the Park City Culinary Institute, where he will learn to be a professional chef by the time he graduates, according to a press release from the institute.

"My boss would always encourage me and told me he saw a lot of potential in me," Flores said in the release of his experience working in restaurants. "The more responsibility he gave me at the restaurant, the more intrigued I was and the more I wanted to be a chef. I couldn’t afford the training, though, and this scholarship means I get to follow my passion for food."

The institute’s founder, Laurie Moldawer, said in the release that she knew the moment she met Flores that he deserved the scholarship.

"He’s so full of personality and hope, and he has amazing work ethic," she said. "Not to mention some great family recipes."

–Bubba Brown

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